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Malaysian state located on the northwest coast of Peninsular Malaysia, by the Malacca Strait. Wikipedia

  • History of Penang

    Located at the nation's northwest coast along the Malacca Strait. Shaped by British colonialism, beginning with the acquisition of Penang Island from the Sultanate of Kedah by the British East India Company in 1786. Wikipedia

  • George Town, Penang

    Capital city of the Malaysian state of Penang. Malaysia's third most populous city with 708,127 inhabitants, while Greater Penang is the nation's second largest conurbation in the country after Greater Kuala Lumpur with a population of 2,412,616. Wikipedia

  • History of George Town, Penang

    Second largest city in Malaysia and the economic centre of the country's northern region. The history of George Town began with its establishment by Captain Francis Light of the British East India Company in 1786. Wikipedia

  • Seberang Perai

    City in the Malaysian state of Penang. Situated on the Malay Peninsula opposite Penang Island, bordering Kedah to the north and east and Perak to the south. Wikipedia

  • Perak

    State of Malaysia on the west coast of the Malay Peninsula. Perak has land borders with the Malaysian states of Kedah to the north, Penang to the northwest, Kelantan and Pahang to the east, and Selangor to the south. Wikipedia

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    Sentences forPenang

    • Kuala Lumpur is one of the three states where less than 50% of the population are self-identified Muslims, the other two being Penang and Sarawak.Kuala Lumpur-Wikipedia
    • Intended as a "new iconic waterfront destination for Penang", Phase 1 of the development is scheduled for completion by 2018.Penang-Wikipedia
    • To the south, the Imperial Japanese Army had seized the British colony of Penang on 19 December, encountering little resistance.Pacific War-Wikipedia
    • Selangor is one of four Malaysian states that contain more than one city with official city status; the others are Sarawak, Johor, and Penang.Selangor-Wikipedia
    • This was profligate and ineffectual; used against acoustic mines at Penang, 200 bombs were needed to detonate just 13 mines.Naval mine-Wikipedia
    • Flights from Kuching are mainly to Kuala Lumpur but also to Johor Bahru, Penang, Sabah, Kelantan, Singapore and Pontianak, Indonesia.Sarawak-Wikipedia

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