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Penangite Chinese are ethnic Chinese Malaysians of full or partial Chinese ancestry who either hail from or live within the State of Penang. Wikipedia

  • Malaysian Chinese

    Malaysian Chinese people or Chinese Malaysians (馬來西亞華人; Orang Cina Malaysia), are a local ethnic group in Malaysia. Defined as Malaysian citizens of Chinese ethnicity. Wikipedia

  • Penang

    Malaysian state located on the northwest coast of Peninsular Malaysia, by the Malacca Strait. Located, and Seberang Perai on the Malay Peninsula. Wikipedia

  • Chinese Singaporeans

    Chinese Singaporeans are a local ethnic group in Singapore, defined as Singaporean nationals of Chinese descent. Chinese Singaporeans constitute 76.2% of the Singaporean population, making them the largest ethnic/ancestry group in Singapore. Wikipedia

  • Thai Chinese

    Ethnic Chinese community in Thailand. Thai Chinese are the largest minority group in the country and the largest overseas Chinese community in the world with a population of approximately 10 million people, accounting for 11–14% of the total population of the country as of 2012. Wikipedia

  • Demographics of Malaysia

    The demographics of Malaysia are represented by the multiple ethnic groups that exist in the country. 28,334,000 including non-citizens, which makes it the 42nd most populated country in the world. Wikipedia

  • Ethnic Chinese in Brunei

    Ethnic Chinese in Brunei are people of full or partial Chinese – particularly Han Chinese – ancestry who are citizens or residents in Brunei. As of 2015, they constitute 10.1% of the country's population, making them the second largest ethnic group in Brunei. Wikipedia


    Sentences forPenangite Chinese

    • The period of Japanese occupation was renowned for the Imperial Japanese Army's massacres of Penang's Chinese populace, known as Sook Ching to the locals.Penang-Wikipedia
    • The island has a predominantly Chinese population, which includes the Peranakans; more than 53% of the island's population were of Chinese descent.Penang Island-Wikipedia
    • More than half of Butterworth's population consisted of ethnic Chinese, whilst the Malays and Indians formed significant minorities within the town.Butterworth, Seberang Perai-Wikipedia
    • The swift British retreat, coupled with the brutal massacres of Penang's Chinese residents, would severely dent British sense of prestige and dominance in the eyes of the locals.History of Penang-Wikipedia
    • The Chinese made up 34% of the population; while most reside within the Central District, the Southern District has a larger proportion of ethnic Chinese.Seberang Perai-Wikipedia
    • Aside from the three main races, the Malays, Chinese, and Indians, Penang is home to significant Eurasian, Siamese and expatriate communities.Penang-Wikipedia

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