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2017 American historical drama film written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, and starring Daniel Day-Lewis, Lesley Manville and Vicky Krieps. Wikipedia

  • 2017 American period drama film written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. About the complex relationship between a dressmaker and his muse (played by Vicky Krieps). Wikipedia

  • The Master (2012 film)

    2012 American psychological drama film written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson and starring Joaquin Phoenix, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Amy Adams. It tells the story of Freddie Quell (Phoenix), a World War II navy veteran struggling to adjust to a post-war society, who meets Lancaster Dodd (Hoffman), a leader of a religious movement known as "The Cause". Wikipedia

  • Paul Thomas Anderson

    American film director, producer, and screenwriter. Interest in filmmaking from a young age. Wikipedia

  • There Will Be Blood

    2007 American epic period drama film written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, loosely based on the 1927 novel Oil! by Upton Sinclair. It stars Daniel Day-Lewis as Daniel Plainview, a silver miner-turned-oilman on a ruthless quest for wealth during Southern California's oil boom of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Wikipedia

  • Inherent Vice (film)

    2014 American neo-noir crime film written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, based on the 2009 novel of the same name by Thomas Pynchon. The cast includes Joaquin Phoenix, Josh Brolin, Owen Wilson, Katherine Waterston, Eric Roberts, Reese Witherspoon, Benicio del Toro, Jena Malone, Joanna Newsom, Jeannie Berlin, Maya Rudolph, Michael K. Williams and Martin Short. Wikipedia

  • Phantom Thread (soundtrack)

    Original soundtrack album to the 2017 film Phantom Thread, directed by Paul Thomas Anderson and starring Daniel Day-Lewis. The record consists of eighteen tracks from a film score written and composed by Jonny Greenwood. Wikipedia


    Sentences forPhantom Thread

    • After a decade, Day-Lewis reunited with Anderson for Phantom Thread (2017), for which he was also nominated for the Oscar.Daniel Day-Lewis-Wikipedia
    • After a five-year hiatus, Day-Lewis returned to the screen to star in Paul Thomas Anderson's historical drama Phantom Thread (2017).Daniel Day-Lewis-Wikipedia
    • Anderson's ninth film, Phantom Thread, set in the London fashion industry in 1954, was released in late 2017.Paul Thomas Anderson-Wikipedia
    • Film director Paul Thomas Anderson was inspired to make Phantom Thread when he became interested in the fashion industry after reading about designer Cristóbal Balenciaga.Balenciaga-Wikipedia
    • In the 2017 period film Phantom Thread, Manville played Cyril Woodcock, the sister of the dressmaker Reynolds Woodcock, played by Daniel Day-Lewis.Lesley Manville-Wikipedia
    • The 2017 film Phantom Thread starring Daniel Day-Lewis features a number of Robin Hood's Bay locations, including the classic interior of the Victoria Hotel and the clifftops above the village.Robin Hood's Bay-Wikipedia

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