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Marginal sea of the Western Pacific Ocean east of the Philippine archipelago , occupying an estimated surface area of 5 e6km2. Wikipedia

  • List of islands in the Pacific Ocean

    List of islands in the Pacific Ocean, collectively called the Pacific Islands. Three major groups of islands in the Pacific Ocean are Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia. Wikipedia

  • 2018 Pacific typhoon season

    At the time, the costliest Pacific typhoon season on record, until the record was beaten by the following year. Above-average, producing 29 storms, 13 typhoons, and 7 super typhoons. Wikipedia

  • USS Princeton (CVL-23)

    United States Navy light aircraft carrier active in the Pacific Ocean during World War II. Launched in 1942 and lost at the Battle of Leyte Gulf in 1944. Wikipedia

  • 1994 Pacific typhoon season

    Extremely active season in the annual cycle of tropical cyclone formation in the Western North Pacific, with a total of 32 tropical storms, where 19 of them reached typhoon strength, during the course of the season, much like the Pacific hurricane season. The season had no official bounds and it ran year-round in 1994, but most tropical cyclones tend to form in the northwestern Pacific Ocean between May and November. Wikipedia

  • 2003 Pacific typhoon season

    Slightly below average yearlong period of tropical cyclogenesis exhibiting the development of 45 tropical depressions, of which 21 became named storms; of those, 14 became typhoons. Though every month with the exception of February and March featured tropical activity, most storms developed from May through October. Wikipedia

  • 2019 Pacific typhoon season

    The costliest Pacific typhoon season on record, just ahead of the previous year. Fairly above-average, producing 29 named storms, 17 typhoons, and five super typhoons. Wikipedia


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