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American computer animation studio known for its critically and commercially successful feature films. Wikipedia

  • John Lasseter

    American film director, producer, screenwriter, animator, voice actor, and the head of Skydance Animation. Formerly the chief creative officer of Pixar Animation Studios, Walt Disney Animation Studios, and Disneytoon Studios, as well as the Principal Creative Advisor for Walt Disney Imagineering. Wikipedia

  • List of Pixar films

    American CGI film production company based in Emeryville, California, United States. Pixar has released 23 feature films, which were all released by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures through the Walt Disney Pictures banner, with their first being Toy Story (which was also the first feature-length CGI film ever released) in 1995, and their latest being Soul in 2020. Wikipedia

  • List of Pixar awards and nominations (feature films)

    CGI animation production company based in Emeryville, California, United States. Created in 1979 as a division of Lucasfilm, it has been a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company since 2006. Wikipedia

  • List of Pixar film references

    Beginning with Red's Dream and its references to previous Pixar short films, Pixar has included references in its films to other works produced by the studio. These have included cameo appearances, references to characters, objects, and titles of works. Wikipedia

  • List of animated short films produced by Pixar Animation Studios. Beginning with Pixar's second film A Bug's Life, almost all subsequent Pixar feature films have been shown in theaters along with a Pixar-created original short film, known as a "short." Wikipedia

  • List of staff at Pixar Animation Studios. This includes past Pixar employees, as well as those who served as its primary directors and creative executives. Wikipedia


    Sentences forPixar

    • In 2004, Pixar Animation Studios began looking for another distributor after its 12-year contract with Disney ended, due to its strained relationship over issues of control and money with Eisner.The Walt Disney Company-Wikipedia
    • For instance, Pixar has screened a short along with each of its feature films during its initial theatrical run since 1995 (producing shorts permanently since 2001).Short film-Wikipedia
    • Larry Sanger, one of the founders of Wikipedia, and Steve May, chief technology officer at Pixar, both graduated from Ohio State.Ohio State University-Wikipedia
    • On June 8, 2018, it was announced that Lasseter would leave Disney and Pixar at the end of the year after the company decided not to renew his contract, but would take on a consulting role until it expired.Walt Disney Animation Studios-Wikipedia
    • Animated films produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar Animation Studios are also released under the studio banner.Walt Disney Pictures-Wikipedia
    • It was the first non-Pixar film to win the award since the category was introduced.Steven Spielberg-Wikipedia

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