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Line of toys produced by the Brandstätter Group , headquartered in Zirndorf, Germany. Wikipedia

  • German company, headquartered in Zirndorf, Bavaria. Composed of toy company Playmobil, Playmobil 1.2.3 Ltd, Inmold Ltd, Hob Electronics Ltd, Hob Components Ltd, HOB Inc., HOB GmbH & Co KG, and Hob Software Ltd. Wikipedia

  • The owner of the German company Brandstätter Group. Founded by Andreas Brandstätter in 1876. Wikipedia

  • Rangau Railway

    Railway line from Fürth via Zirndorf to Cadolzburg. In the local dialect it used to be known as the Cadolzburger Moggerla ("Moggerla" is East Franconian for "calf"). Wikipedia

  • The German inventor of Playmobil toys. Thus often called "The Father of Playmobil". Wikipedia

  • Part of the Brandstätter Group, which also owns Playmobil and other companies. Founded in 1964 as an electronics concern, by Horst Brandstätter. Wikipedia

  • Weinzierlein

    Village in the town of Zirndorf in the Central Franconian district of Fürth in Bavaria, Germany. Together with Wintersdorf to the east, Weinzierlein forms a contiguous settlement and lies on the southern banks of the Bibert and on the stream of the Roßtaler Mühlbach, which empties into the Bibert from the right in the village. Wikipedia


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