Military units similar to or like Polish Air Force

Aerial warfare military branch of the Polish Armed Forces. Wikipedia

  • Polish Navy

    Military branch of the Polish Armed Forces responsible for naval operations. The Polish Navy consists of 48 ships and about 12,000 commissioned and enlisted personnel. Wikipedia

  • Polish Land Forces

    The Land Forces (Wojska Lądowe) are a military branch of the Polish Armed Forces. They currently contain some 77,000 active personnel and form many components of the European Union and NATO deployments around the world. Wikipedia

  • Philippine Air Force

    Aerial warfare service branch of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. Responsible for both defending the Philippine Airspace, and conducting aerial operations throughout the Philippines, such as close air support operations, combat air patrols, aerial reconnaissance missions, airlift operations, tactical operations and aerial humanitarian operations. Wikipedia

  • Libyan Air Force

    Branch of the Libyan military responsible for aerial warfare. Estimated at 18,000, with an inventory of 374 combat capable aircraft operating from 13 military airbases in Libya. Wikipedia

  • Ghana Air Force

    Aerial warfare organizational military branch of the Ghanaian Armed Forces (GAF). The GHF, along with the Ghanaian army (GA) and Ghanaian navy (GN), make up the Ghanaian Armed Forces (GAF) which are controlled by the Ghanaian Ministry of Defence (MoD). Wikipedia

  • German Air Force

    Aerial warfare branch of the Bundeswehr, the armed forces of Germany. Third largest air force within the European Union, after the Italian Air Force and French Air Force. Wikipedia


    Sentences forPolish Air Force

    • The Polish Air Force (Lotnictwo Wojskowe) was at a severe disadvantage against the German Luftwaffe due to inferiority in numbers and the obsolescence of its fighter planes.Invasion of Poland-Wikipedia
    • In the same war, the Free Polish Air Force made its headquarters in exile at Blackpool in Talbot Square, after the force evacuated to Britain from France.Blackpool-Wikipedia
    • On 7 September 2011, the Polish Air Force awarded a contract to the WZL 2 company to modernise its MiG-29 fleet to be compatible with Polish F-16s.Mikoyan MiG-29-Wikipedia
    • The interwar Lwów was also a major centre of the Polish Air Force with the Sixth Air Regiment located there.Lviv-Wikipedia
    • During the Second World War, there were several RAF stations within a few miles of Newark, from many of which operated squadrons of the Polish Air Force.Newark-on-Trent-Wikipedia
    • The Polish Air Force in France comprised 86 aircraft in four squadrons; one-and-a-half of the squadrons were fully operational, while the rest were in various stages of training.Polish Armed Forces in the West-Wikipedia

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