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The Land Forces (Wojska Lądowe) are a military branch of the Polish Armed Forces. Wikipedia

  • Polish Air Force

    Aerial warfare military branch of the Polish Armed Forces. Officially known as Wojska Lotnicze i Obrony Powietrznej . Wikipedia

  • Polish Navy

    Military branch of the Polish Armed Forces responsible for naval operations. The Polish Navy consists of 48 ships and about 12,000 commissioned and enlisted personnel. Wikipedia

  • Chronological list of military conflicts in which Polish armed forces fought or took place on Polish territory from the reign of Mieszko I to the ongoing military operations. This list does not include peacekeeping operations (such as UNPROFOR, UNTAES or UNMOP), humanitarian missions or training missions supported by the Polish Armed Forces. Wikipedia

  • Territorial Defence Force (Poland)

    Fifth military branch of the Polish Armed Forces, following Land Forces, Air Force, Navy and Special Forces. Made up of professional and part-time volunteer soldiers, forming part of the country's defence and deterrence system. Wikipedia

  • Polish Armed Forces (Second Polish Republic)

    Polish Armed Forces (Wojsko Polskie) were the armed forces of the Second Polish Republic from 1919 until the demise of independent Poland at the onset of Second World War in September 1939. The outbreak of First World War meant that a huge number of soldiers, Poles from the lands of the Polish partitions were forced to stand in the ranks of German, Russian and Austro-Hungarian armies. Wikipedia

  • Władysław Sikorski

    Polish military and political leader. Prior to the First World War, Sikorski established and participated in several underground organizations that promoted the cause of the independence of Poland from the Russian Empire. Wikipedia


    Sentences forPolish Land Forces

    • His father, a former Austro-Hungarian non-commissioned officer and later officer in the Polish Army, died of a heart attack in 1941, leaving Wojtyła as the immediate family's only surviving member.Pope John Paul II-Wikipedia
    • Vilnius changed hands again during the Polish–Soviet War and the Lithuanian Wars of Independence: it was taken by the Polish Army, only to fall to Soviet forces again.Vilnius-Wikipedia
    • Instead, it was decided to develop the nation's aviation assets to principally function as a means of providing aerial support to the newly formed Polish Land Forces.PZL.37 Łoś-Wikipedia
    • In December 2015, Bumar-Łabędy signed an agreement with German Rheinmetall Landsysteme Gmbh concerning the technological support of the Polish modernization program for Leopard 2A4 tanks.Leopard 2-Wikipedia
    • The combat traditions of Polish cavalry are continued by the armoured (Kawaleria Pancerna) and aeromobile (Kawaleria Powietrzna) units of Polish Land Forces.Polish cavalry-Wikipedia
    • 1928 was accepted into service with the Polish army in 1927 under the formal name ''7,92 mm rkm Browning wz.M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle-Wikipedia

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