Languages similar to or like Polish language

West Slavic language of the Lechitic group. Wikipedia

  • Languages of Europe

    Most languages of Europe belong to the Indo-European language family. Indo-European language; within Indo-European, the three largest phyla are Romance, Germanic, and Slavic with more than 200 million speakers each, between them accounting for close to 90% of Europeans. Wikipedia

  • Czech language

    West Slavic language of the Czech–Slovak group. Spoken by over 13 million people, it serves as the official language of the Czech Republic. Wikipedia

  • Russian language

    East Slavic language native to the Russians in Eastern Europe. Official language in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, as well as being widely used throughout the Caucasus, Central Asia and to some extent in the Baltic states. Wikipedia

  • Esperanto

    Most widely spoken constructed international auxiliary language. Created by Polish ophthalmologist L. L. Zamenhof in 1887. Wikipedia

  • Dutch language

    West Germanic language spoken by about 24 million people as a first language and 5 million people as a second language, constituting the majority of people in the Netherlands and Belgium (as one of three official languages). Third most widely spoken Germanic language, after its close relatives English and German. Wikipedia

  • Slovak language

    West Slavic language of the Czech–Slovak group. Spoken by approximately 5 million people as a native language, primarily ethnic Slovaks, it serves as the official language of Slovakia and one of the 24 official languages of the European Union. Wikipedia


    Sentences forPolish language

    • According to the 2011 census, Polish has become the second-largest language spoken in England and has 546,000 speakers.United Kingdom-Wikipedia
    • The current English name comes from the Polish ethnonym associated with the area, which ultimately comes from the Czech word Čech.Czech Republic-Wikipedia
    • As a result of immigration, Polish is the most widely spoken language in Ireland after English, with Irish as the third most spoken.Republic of Ireland-Wikipedia
    • The first documented phrase in the Polish language reads "Day ut ia pobrusa, a ti poziwai" ("Let me grind, and you take a rest"), reflecting the use of quern-stone in early Poland.Poland-Wikipedia
    • The name Poznań probably comes from a personal name, Poznan (from the Polish participle poznan(y) – "one who is known/recognized"), and would mean "Poznan's town".Poznań-Wikipedia
    • Polish language productions for Chicago's large Polish speaking population can be seen at the historic Gateway Theatre in Jefferson Park.Chicago-Wikipedia

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