Christian leaders similar to or like Pope Gregory I

The bishop of Rome from 3 September 590 to his death. Wikipedia

  • Pope

    Bishop of Rome, chief pastor of the worldwide Catholic Church, and head of state or sovereign of the Vatican City State. Largely derived from his role as the apostolic successor to Saint Peter, to whom primacy was conferred by Jesus, giving him the Keys of Heaven and the powers of "binding and loosing", naming him as the "rock" upon which the church would be built. Wikipedia

  • Pope Clement I

    Listed by Irenaeus and Tertullian as Bishop of Rome, holding office from 88 to his death in 99. Considered to be the first Apostolic Father of the Church, one of the three chief ones together with Polycarp and Ignatius of Antioch. Wikipedia

  • Pope Damasus I

    The bishop of Rome from October 366 to his death. He presided over the Council of Rome of 382 that determined the canon or official list of sacred scripture. Wikipedia

  • Augustine of Hippo

    Theologian, philosopher, and the bishop of Hippo Regius in Numidia, Roman North Africa. Viewed as one of the most important Church Fathers of the Latin Church in the Patristic Period. Wikipedia

  • Gregory of Nyssa

    Bishop of Nyssa from 372 to 376 and from 378 until his death. Venerated as a saint in Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy, Oriental Orthodoxy, Anglicanism, and Lutheranism. Wikipedia

  • The bishop of Rome from 311 to his death on 10 or 11 January 314. During his pontificate that Emperor Constantine the Great issued the Edict of Milan , giving Christianity legal status within the Roman Empire. Wikipedia


    Sentences forPope Gregory I

    • The Christian church seems to have used the word Angli; for example in the story of Pope Gregory I and his remark, "Non Angli sed angeli" (not English but angels).Anglo-Saxons-Wikipedia
    • The register, or archived copies of the letters, of Pope Gregory the Great (pope 590–604) survived, and of those more than 850 letters, the vast majority were concerned with affairs in Italy or Constantinople.Middle Ages-Wikipedia
    • After the Gothic siege of 537, the population dropped to 30,000 but had risen to 90,000 by the papacy of Gregory the Great.Rome-Wikipedia
    • During the pontificate of Pope Gregory I (590–604), it may have reached 90,000, augmented by refugees.Rome-Wikipedia
    • Pope Gregory I wrote a letter to Hospito defining him "Dux Barbaricinorum" and, being Christian, the leader and best of his people.Sardinia-Wikipedia
    • In 597, Pope Gregory I appointed the religious missionary (who became Saint Augustine of Canterbury after his death) as the first Archbishop of Canterbury.Kent-Wikipedia

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