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Horsehead-shaped bay on the central coastline of southern Victoria, Australia, and opens into the Bass Strait through a narrow channel known as The Rip. Wikipedia

  • Geography of Port Phillip

    Large bay in southern Victoria, Australia, 1,930 km² in area, with a coastline length of 264 km. The bay is extremely shallow for its size, but mostly navigable. Only 24 m , and half the region is shallower than 8 m. Its volume is around 25 km³. Wikipedia

  • Western Port

    Large tidal bay in southern Victoria, Australia, opening into Bass Strait. Second largest bay in the state. Wikipedia

  • Victoria (Australia)

    State in southeastern Australia. Second-smallest state with a land area of 237659 km2 and the most densely populated state in Australia . Wikipedia

  • Bellarine Peninsula

    Peninsula located south-west of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia, surrounded by Port Phillip, Corio Bay and Bass Strait. The peninsula, together with the Mornington Peninsula separates Port Phillip from Bass Strait. Wikipedia

  • Geelong

    Port city located on Corio Bay and the Barwon River, in the state of Victoria, Australia. 75 km south-west of the state capital, Melbourne. Wikipedia

  • Mornington Peninsula

    Peninsula located south of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Surrounded by Port Phillip to the west, Western Port to the east and Bass Strait to the south, and is connected to the mainland in the north. Wikipedia


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