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Found within the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States and flows from the Potomac Highlands into the Chesapeake Bay. Wikipedia

  • Attempts to make the Potomac River navigable

    A series of projects in the 18th and 19th centuries attempted to make the Potomac River navigable and connect the Ohio River valley and the East Coast. Started by the Potomac Company, but it was the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Company that finished the project in the 1830s and 1840s. Wikipedia

  • Designated National Scenic Trail corridor spanning parts of the mid-Atlantic and upper southeastern regions of the United States that will connect various trails and historic sites in the states of Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania and the District of Columbia. The trail network includes 710 mi of existing and planned sections, tracing the outstanding natural, historical, and cultural features of the Potomac River corridor, the upper Ohio River watershed in Pennsylvania and western Maryland, and a portion of the Rappahannock River watershed in Virginia. Wikipedia

  • Potomac River basin reservoir projects

    The Potomac River basin reservoir projects were U.S. Army Corps of Engineers programs that sought to regulate the flow of the Potomac River to control flooding, to assure a reliable water supply for Washington, D.C., and to provide recreational opportunities. Ambitious program of dam construction on the Potomac and its tributaries, which proposed as many as sixteen major dam and reservoir projects. Wikipedia

  • Chesapeake and Ohio Canal

    The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, abbreviated as the C&O Canal and occasionally called the "Grand Old Ditch," operated from 1831 until 1924 along the Potomac River from Washington, D.C., to Cumberland, Maryland. Coal from the Allegheny Mountains. Wikipedia

  • List of bridges and other crossings of the Potomac River and its North and South branches. Within each section, crossings are listed from the source moving downstream. Wikipedia

  • Patowmack Canal

    Series of five inoperative canals located in Maryland and Virginia, United States, that was designed to bypass rapids in the Potomac River upstream of the present Washington, D.C. area. Great Falls skirting canal, whose remains are managed by the National Park Service as it is within Great Falls Park Virginia, an integral part of the George Washington Memorial Parkway. Wikipedia


    Sentences forPotomac River

    • Virginia's boundary with Maryland and Washington, D.C. extends to the low-water mark of the south shore of the Potomac River.Virginia-Wikipedia
    • On July 9, 1790, Congress passed the Residence Act, which approved the creation of a national capital on the Potomac River.Washington, D.C.-Wikipedia
    • General Lee led 45,000 men of the Army of Northern Virginia across the Potomac River into Maryland on September 5.American Civil War-Wikipedia
    • The south bank of the Potomac River forms the district's border with Virginia and has two major tributaries: the Anacostia River and Rock Creek.Washington, D.C.-Wikipedia
    • In the mid-1970s, some conservatives referred to the Post as "Pravda on the Potomac" because of its perceived left-wing bias in both reporting and editorials.The Washington Post-Wikipedia
    • Various tribes of the Algonquian-speaking Piscataway people (also known as the Conoy) inhabited the lands around the Potomac River when Europeans first visited the area in the early 17th century.Washington, D.C.-Wikipedia

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