Political parties similar to or like Progressive Conservative Party of Canada

Centre-right federal political party in Canada. Wikipedia

  • Conservative Party of Canada

    Federal political party in Canada. Formed in 2003 from the multiple right-wing parties which had existed in Canada for over a century, historically grouped into two camps, "Red Tories" and "Blue Tories". Wikipedia

  • Progressive Canadian Party

    Minor centre-right federal political party in Canada. Registered with Elections Canada, the government's election agency, on March 29, 2004. Wikipedia

  • Conservatism in Canada

    Generally considered to be primarily represented by the modern-day Conservative Party of Canada in federal party politics, and by various centre-right and right-wing parties at the provincial level. Elected in the Province of Canada election of 1854. Wikipedia

  • Reform Party of Canada

    Centre-right to right-wing populist and conservative federal political party in Canada that existed from 1987 to 2000. Founded as a Western Canada-based protest movement and eventually became a populist conservative party, with strong social conservative elements. Wikipedia

  • Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario

    Centre-right political party in Ontario, Canada. The party has been led by Doug Ford since March 10, 2018. Wikipedia

  • Progressive Conservative Party of New Brunswick

    Centre-right, conservative political party in the Canadian province of New Brunswick. The party has its origins in the pre-Canadian confederation Conservative Party that opposed the granting of responsible government to the colony. Wikipedia


    Sentences forProgressive Conservative Party of Canada

    • Before 1942, the predecessors to the Conservatives had multiple names, but by 1942, the main right-wing Canadian force became known as the Progressive Conservatives.Conservative Party of Canada-Wikipedia
    • Joe Clark, former Prime Minister and former leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada (also a predecessor of the CPC), held the riding of Calgary Centre during his second stint in Parliament from 2000 to 2004.Calgary-Wikipedia
    • In 1957, John Diefenbaker's Progressive Conservatives won a minority government and St. Laurent resigned as Prime Minister and Liberal leader.Liberal Party of Canada-Wikipedia
    • The caucus was created following the establishment of the modern Conservative Party of Canada on 2 February 2004 as a result of the merger of the Canadian Alliance and the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada.Conservative Party of Canada-Wikipedia
    • The modern Conservative Party of Canada is also legal heir to the heritage of the historical conservative parties by virtue of assuming the assets and liabilities of the former Progressive Conservative Party upon the merger of 2003.Conservative Party of Canada-Wikipedia
    • Despite the devastating revelations, only two Liberal MPs—David Kilgour (who had crossed the floor from the PC Party in 1990) and Pat O'Brien—left the party for reasons other than the scandal.Liberal Party of Canada-Wikipedia

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