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    • From 1974, the champions of the Amateurliga had to take part in a promotion play-off to determine the teams promoted to the 2nd Bundesliga.Amateur-Oberliga Berlin-Wikipedia
    • Until 1994, the winners of the Oberligas had to play-off for the four promotion spots to the 2nd Bundesliga with the other Oberliga winners.Oberliga Baden-Württemberg-Wikipedia
    • The league champions however now had to gain promotion through a play-off system with the winners of the other tier-three leagues in northern Germany.Westfalenliga-Wikipedia
    • The winners of the larger leagues of Bayern and Hessen were directly promoted while the other seven leagues had to play-off for two more promotion spots.2. Bundesliga Süd (1974–81)-Wikipedia
    • For the Bayernliga, this still meant little change, the winner still had to play-off for promotion to the new league.Bayernliga-Wikipedia
    • The champions of the Regionalligas Nord and Nordost had to play-off for a spot in the 2nd Bundesliga from 1996 to 2000.Regionalliga Nordost-Wikipedia

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