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  • Legislative districts of Palawan

    The legislative districts of Palawan are the representations of the province of Palawan and the highly urbanized city of Puerto Princesa in the various national legislatures of the Philippines. The province and the city are currently represented in the lower house of the Congress of the Philippines through their first, second, and third congressional districts. Wikipedia

  • Puerto Princesa International Airport

    Airport serving the general area of Puerto Princesa, located in the province of Palawan in the Philippines. Classified as an international airport by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines. Wikipedia

  • Port of Puerto Princesa

    Palawan baseport of the Philippine Ports Authority. Located about Latitude 09° 44"N, Longitude 118° 43"E, on the western side of Puerto Princesa, westward of Princesa Strait, and the western side of Palawan Island. Wikipedia

  • Military Airbase located on Puerto Princesa, Palawan. The base shares a single, 9,000 foot long runway with Puerto Princesa Airport. Wikipedia

  • Roman Catholic Apostolic Vicariate of Puerto Princesa

    Apostolic Vicariate in the Philippines. Headed by a titular bishop. Wikipedia

  • Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park

    Protected area of the Philippines. Located in the Saint Paul Mountain Range on the western coast of the island of Palawan, about 80 km north of the city centre of Puerto Princesa, and contains the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River. Wikipedia


    Sentences forPuerto Princesa

    • In 1903, pursuant to Philippine Commission Act No. 1363, the province was reorganized to include the southern portions and renamed Palawan, and Puerto Princesa declared as its capital.Palawan-Wikipedia
    • Its capital is the city of Puerto Princesa, but the city is governed independently from the province as a highly urbanized city.Palawan-Wikipedia
    • However, Palawan residents criticized the move, citing a lack of consultation, with most residents in Puerto Princesa and nearly all municipalities preferring to stay with Region IV-B.Mimaropa-Wikipedia
    • By 1858, the province was divided into two provinces, namely, Castilla, covering the northern section with Taytay as capital and Asturias in the southern mainland with Puerto Princesa as capital.Palawan-Wikipedia
    • When Puerto Princesa is included for geographical purposes, the population is 1,104,585 people, with a density of.Palawan-Wikipedia
    • The capital, Puerto Princesa is a highly urbanized city that governs itself independently from the province, but it usually grouped with the province for statistical and geographic purposes.Palawan-Wikipedia

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