Performing arts similar to or like Puppetry

Form of theatre or performance that involves the manipulation of puppets – inanimate objects, often resembling some type of human or animal figure, that are animated or manipulated by a human called a puppeteer. Wikipedia

  • Clown

    Comic performer who employs slapstick or similar types of physical comedy, often in a mime style. Clowns have a varied tradition with significant variations in costume and performance. Wikipedia

  • Professional wrestling

    Form of performance art and entertainment that combines athletics with theatrical performance. It takes the form of events, held by touring companies, that mimic a title-match combat sport. Wikipedia

  • Music

    Art form and cultural activity whose medium is sound organized in time. General definitions of music include common elements such as pitch (which governs melody and harmony), rhythm (and its associated concepts tempo, meter, and articulation), dynamics (loudness and softness), and the sonic qualities of timbre and texture (which are sometimes termed the "color" of a musical sound). Wikipedia

  • Aerial suspension

    Illusion in which the performer appears to be suspended in mid-air for some minutes, with either inadequate support or no apparent support of his or her weight. First recorded in India in the early 19th century. Wikipedia

  • Bharata Lila

    Indian performing theater performance of Ganjam district of Odisha. Based on characters of Mahabharata which is why it is called Bharata lila. Wikipedia


Sentences forPuppetry

  • The sides of donkey carts are decorated with intricate, painted scenes; these same tales are enacted in traditional puppet theatres featuring hand-made marionettes of wood.Sicily-Wikipedia
  • This task was thought of as being analogous to that of a puppeteer—the literal meaning of "sutradhara" is "holder of the strings or threads".Theatre-Wikipedia
  • The masked character of Pulcinella is worldwide famous figure either as theatrical character or puppetry character.Naples-Wikipedia
  • A popular form is puppetry, mainly performed in the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre.Slovenia-Wikipedia
  • Stylistic changes in American puppetry in the mid-20th century, including the work of Jim Henson and Sid and Marty Krofft, soon were adapted to sports mascots.Mascot-Wikipedia
  • Kaiju films also used a form of puppetry interwoven between suitmation scenes which served for shots that were physically impossible for the suit actor to perform.Kaiju-Wikipedia
  • The acting scene in Aarhus is diverse, with many groups and venues engaged in a broad span of genres, from animation theatre and children's theatre to classical theatre and improvisational theatre.Aarhus-Wikipedia
  • The Minnesota Fringe Festival is an annual celebration of theatre, dance, improvisation, puppetry, kids' shows, visual art, and musicals.Minnesota-Wikipedia
  • In puppet shows, the voice actor must time the voice-over in relation to the puppet movements.Voice acting in Japan-Wikipedia
  • In contemporary western theatre, the mask is often used alongside puppetry to create a theatre which is essentially visual rather than verbal, and many of its practitioners have been visual artists.Mask-Wikipedia
  • A popular form is puppetry, mainly performed in the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre.Ljubljana-Wikipedia
  • A fan of comics and toy collectibles in his youth, Cushing earned money by staging puppet shows for family members with his glove-puppets and toys.Peter Cushing-Wikipedia
  • Performing arts may include dance, music, opera, theatre and musical theatre, magic, illusion, mime, spoken word, puppetry, circus arts, performance art.Performing arts-Wikipedia
  • Jacques Chirac was a favorite character of Les Guignols de l'Info, a satiric latex puppet show.Jacques Chirac-Wikipedia
  • Tokusatsu has origins in early Japanese theater, specifically in kabuki (with its action- and fight-scenes) and in bunraku, which utilized some of the earliest forms of special effects, specifically puppetry.Tokusatsu-Wikipedia
  • Iran's traditional theatrical genres include Baqqāl-bāzi ("grocer play", a form of slapstick comedy), Ruhowzi (or Taxt-howzi, comedy performed over a courtyard pool covered with boards), Siāh-bāzi (in which the central comedian appears in blackface), Sāye-bāzi (shadow play), Xeyme-šab-bāzi (marionette), and Arusak-bāzi (puppetry), and Ta'zie (religious tragedy plays).Iran-Wikipedia
  • The Minnesota Fringe Festival is an annual celebration of theatre, dance, improvisation, puppetry, kids' shows, visual art, and musicals.Minneapolis–Saint Paul-Wikipedia
  • Traditionally, fiction includes novels, short stories, fables, legends, myths, fairy tales, epic and narrative poetry, plays (including operas, musicals, dramas, puppet plays, and various kinds of theatrical dances).Fiction-Wikipedia
  • It is devoted to children's theatre such as puppetry, for example.Galați-Wikipedia
  • Coogan began his career as a comic and impressionist, performing regularly in Ipswich, before working as a voice artist for television advertisements and the satirical puppet show Spitting Image.Steve Coogan-Wikipedia
  • Puppetry is a very ancient form of theatre which dates back to the 5th century BC in Ancient Greece.Puppet-Wikipedia
  • During the war, Soviet agitprop portrayed Antonescu and the other secondary Axis leaders as villains and servile dog-like creatures, representations notably present in musical theater and puppetry shows, as well as in press cartoons.Ion Antonescu-Wikipedia
  • The company is known for its innovations in the field of puppetry, particularly through the creation of the renowned Muppets characters.The Jim Henson Company-Wikipedia
  • Lorre began acting on stage in Vienna aged 17, where he worked with Viennese Art Nouveau artist and puppeteer Richard Teschner.Peter Lorre-Wikipedia
  • The Treefort Music Fest in late March features emerging bands, as well as many other artistic endeavors, and has perforce "morphed from quirky music festival to consuming community event," and the HomeGrown Theatre is notable for continuing the avant garde satirical tradition of puppetry for millennials.Boise, Idaho-Wikipedia
  • This work with masks also relates to performing with portable structures and puppetry.Mask-Wikipedia
  • CalArts offers degree programs in music, art, dance, film and video, animation, theater, puppetry, and writing.California Institute of the Arts-Wikipedia
  • Examples include animated, off-stage, off-screen or non-visible characters in various works, including feature films, dubbed foreign language films, animated short films, television programs, commercials, radio or audio dramas, comedy, video games, puppet shows, amusement rides, audiobooks and documentaries.Voice acting-Wikipedia
  • Animatronics is a multi-disciplinary field which integrates anatomy, robots, mechatronics, and puppetry resulting in lifelike animation.Animatronics-Wikipedia
  • In addition to being an acting school, the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama offers training and education in a broad range of vocational and applied theatre specialties available, providing courses in acting, voice studies, producing, design for the stage, costume design, applied theatre & education, drama and movement therapy, lighting design and production, media and drama education, musical theatre, performance arts, prop making, puppetry, scenic art, scenic construction, costume construction, scenography, set design, theatre sound, stage management, technical and production management, directing and writing.Royal Central School of Speech and Drama-Wikipedia

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