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Process of assembling sequences of instructions, called quantum programs, that are capable of running on a quantum computer. Wikipedia

  • Quantum memory

    Quantum-mechanical version of ordinary computer memory. Whereas ordinary memory stores information as binary states (represented by "1"s and "0"s), quantum memory stores a quantum state for later retrieval. Wikipedia

  • Quantum machine learning

    Integration of quantum algorithms within machine learning programs. The most common use of the term refers to machine learning algorithms for the analysis of classical data executed on a quantum computer, i.e. quantum-enhanced machine learning. Wikipedia

  • Goal of demonstrating that a programmable quantum device can solve a problem that no classical computer can solve in any feasible amount of time . Conceptually, quantum supremacy involves both the engineering task of building a powerful quantum computer and the computational-complexity-theoretic task of finding a problem that can be solved by that quantum computer and has a superpolynomial speedup over the best known or possible classical algorithm for that task. Wikipedia

  • Primarily devoted to using quantum computing and quantum information processing to create and work with quantum images. Anticipated that QIP technologies will offer capabilities and performances that are, as yet, unrivaled by their traditional equivalents. Wikipedia

  • Method of inferring the result of a computation without actually running a quantum computer otherwise capable of actively performing that computation. Application of quantum computing, founded on the concepts of counterfactual definiteness, on a re-interpretation of the Elitzur–Vaidman bomb tester thought experiment, and making theoretical use of the phenomenon of interaction-free measurement. Wikipedia

  • Quantum information

    Information of the state of a quantum system. Basic entity of study in quantum information theory, and can be manipulated using quantum information processing techniques. Wikipedia


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