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Rao Chattar Sal or Shatru Sal (r. Wikipedia

  • The 14th Rao Rajput Raja of Bundi. Crowned in 1554. Wikipedia

  • Ruler of Marwar. Son of Jodha, brother of Satal. Wikipedia

  • Jodha of Mandore

    Ruler of Mandore in the present-day state of Rajasthan. The son of Rao Ranmal of the Rathore clan. Wikipedia

  • Hanut Singh

    British Indian Army soldier and polo player. Born at Jodhpur on 20 March 1900, the third son of Sir Pratap Singh of Idar. Wikipedia

  • Rajput king of Datia-Orchha. One of Aurangzeb's trusted military commanders, he had a key role in the 1698 breach of the siege of Jinji fort. Wikipedia

  • One of the cognate Hindi variations of the title Raja(h) (like Rai, Rawal and Rawat), used as equivalent royal style in certain princely states, notably of former British India. Also used for Yadavs of Haryana in Northern India. Wikipedia


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