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Recording studio established in New York City in 1968 and currently operating in Los Angeles, California. Wikipedia


    Sentences forRecord Plant

    • Recording at the Record Plant in New York City in March 1971 was abandoned when Lambert's addiction to hard drugs interfered with his ability to produce.The Who-Wikipedia
    • On the evening of December 8, 1980, Lennon and Ono were in the Record Plant Studio and working on Ono's song "Walking on Thin Ice".Yoko Ono-Wikipedia
    • However, there are contradictory reports as to whether he was recording at The Hit Factory or the nearby Record Plant the day he was murdered.The Hit Factory-Wikipedia
    • In June 1972, the band reconvened in Los Angeles to begin work on their next album at the Record Plant.Black Sabbath-Wikipedia
    • Reznor agreed to rework production of The Manson Family Album in October 1993 at Record Plant Studios in Los Angeles.Marilyn Manson (band)-Wikipedia
    • Husney and Prince then left Minneapolis and moved to Sausalito, California, where Prince's first album, For You, was recorded at Record Plant Studios.Prince (musician)-Wikipedia

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