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Class of artificial neural networks where connections between nodes form a directed graph along a temporal sequence. Wikipedia

  • Feedforward neural network

    Artificial neural network wherein connections between the nodes do not form a cycle. Different from its descendant: recurrent neural networks. Wikipedia

  • Types of artificial neural networks

    There are many types of artificial neural networks (ANN). Artificial neural networks are computational models inspired by biological neural networks, and are used to approximate functions that are generally unknown. Wikipedia

  • Deep learning

    Part of a broader family of machine learning methods based on artificial neural networks with representation learning. Learning can be supervised, semi-supervised or unsupervised. Wikipedia

  • Neural network

    Network or circuit of neurons, or in a modern sense, an artificial neural network, composed of artificial neurons or nodes. Either a biological neural network, made up of real biological neurons, or an artificial neural network, for solving artificial intelligence problems. Wikipedia

  • Artificial neural network

    Artificial neural networks (ANNs), usually simply called neural networks (NNs), are computing systems vaguely inspired by the biological neural networks that constitute animal brains. Based on a collection of connected units or nodes called artificial neurons, which loosely model the neurons in a biological brain. Wikipedia

  • Encountered when training artificial neural networks with gradient-based learning methods and backpropagation. Update proportional to the partial derivative of the error function with respect to the current weight in each iteration of training. Wikipedia


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