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Belgian surrealist artist. Wikipedia

  • Incomplete list of the paintings of René Magritte , a key surrealist painter known for the wittiness of his work. This list includes paintings attributed to Magritte. Wikipedia

  • Belgian artist and writer associated with the Belgian Surrealist movement. Born in Brussels, Belgium. Wikipedia

  • Belgian surrealist painter. The growth of the women's movement in the late 20th century led to renewed interest in women artists and brought greater appreciation of her work. Wikipedia

  • Marcel Mariën

    Belgian surrealist (later Situationist), poet, essayist, photographer, collagist, and filmmaker. Pivotal member of the Belgian wing of the Surrealist movement. Wikipedia

  • Belgian writer, member of the Belgian surrealist movement. Introduced to dadaism and Eastern philosophy by Clément Pansaers. Wikipedia

  • Belgian surrealist painter of French extraction. Born in Ixelles on 18 December 1905 to Alexandre Graverol and Anne-Marie Lagadec. Wikipedia


    Sentences forRené Magritte

    • The museum has J.B. Turner Engine (1986), a small Koons piece which was shown in the 2006–2007 "Magritte and Contemporary Art: The Treachery of Images" exhibition.Los Angeles County Museum of Art-Wikipedia
    • However, Magneto does believe that humanity has done some good things, as is shown in his appreciation for art, especially that of René Magritte.Magneto (Marvel Comics)-Wikipedia
    • The famous Belgian surrealists René Magritte and Paul Delvaux, for instance, studied and lived there, as did the avant-garde dramatist Michel de Ghelderode.Brussels-Wikipedia
    • McCartney later revealed that he had been inspired by René Magritte's painting, Le Jeu de Mourre, featuring an apple with the words "Au revoir" painted on it.Apple Corps-Wikipedia
    • Inspired by a correspondence with the surrealist artist René Magritte, Foucault started to write a book about the impressionist artist Édouard Manet, but never completed it.Michel Foucault-Wikipedia
    • A Paladin paperback followed, with cover art by British artist John Holmes, influenced by René Magritte, showing a female torso as a suit hanging from a rail, a handle on each hip.Germaine Greer-Wikipedia

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