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Short-lived unrecognized secessionist state in West Africa which existed for one day in 1967. Wikipedia

  • Biafra

    Unrecognised state in West Africa that existed from May 1967 to January 1970. Made up of the states in the Eastern Region of Nigeria. Wikipedia

  • Nigeria

    Country in West Africa, bordering Niger in the north, Chad in the northeast, Cameroon in the east, and Benin in the west. Located on the Gulf of Guinea in the Atlantic Ocean. Wikipedia

  • Republic of Mahabad

    Short-lived Kurdish self-governing unrecognized state in present-day Iran, from 22 January to 15 December 1946. The Republic of Mahabad arose alongside the Azerbaijan People's Government, a similarly short-lived state. Wikipedia

  • Colonial Nigeria

    The era in the History of Nigeria when the region of West Africa was ruled by Great Britain in from the mid-19th century to 1960. British influence in the region began with the prohibition of slave trade to British subjects in 1807. Wikipedia

  • Short-lived, self-proclaimed, unrecognized breakaway state in the Philippines. Nur Misuari, chairman of the Moro National Liberation Front, issued the Proclamation of Bangsamoro Independence on July 27, 2013 in Talipao, Sulu and declared the capital of Bangsamoro to be Davao City. Wikipedia

  • Confederate States of America

    Unrecognized republic in North America that existed from 1861 to 1865. Originally formed by seven secessionist slave-holding states—South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas—in the Lower South region of the United States, whose economy was heavily dependent upon agriculture, particularly cotton, and a plantation system that relied upon the labor of African-American slaves. Wikipedia

  • Republic of South Maluku

    Unrecognized secessionist republic in the southern Maluku Islands archipelago in Maritime Southeast Asia that claims the islands of Ambon, Buru, and Seram as part of its territory, all of which are currently part of the Indonesian province of Maluku. Dutch conquest exerted colonial control across the archipelago in the 19th century, establishing a unitary administration. Wikipedia

  • Principality of Trinidad

    Short-lived unrecognized state declared in 1893 when the American James Harden-Hickey claimed the uninhabited Trindade Island in the South Atlantic. He declared himself James I, Prince of Trinidad, and intended for the islands to become a military dictatorship under his leadership. Wikipedia

  • Lajtabánság

    Short-lived western Hungarian state in the region where the Austrian federal state of Burgenland now exists. Held in the area according to the Venice protocol. Wikipedia

  • Republic of West Papua

    Proposed, former, and unrecognized state consisting of the Western New Guinea region. Claimed by Indonesia and has been annexed by Indonesia since 1 May 1963 under several names in the following order: West Irian, Irian Jaya and Papua. Wikipedia

  • Benin

    Country in West Africa. Bordered by Togo to the west, Nigeria to the east, and Burkina Faso and Niger to the north. Wikipedia

  • Chechen Republic of Ichkeria

    Unrecognized secessionist government of the Chechen Republic. The First Chechen War (December 1994 - August 1996) resulted in the victory of the separatist forces. Wikipedia

  • West Indies Federation

    Short-lived political union that existed from 3 January 1958 to 31 May 1962. Various islands in the Caribbean that were colonies of the United Kingdom, including Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Jamaica, and those on the Leeward and Windward Islands, came together to form the Federation, with its capital in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago. Wikipedia

  • Republic of Anguilla

    Short-lived, unrecognised independent state on the island of Anguilla. Re-established. Wikipedia

  • Predecessor to modern-day Nigeria from 1954 to 1963. Autonomous region until independence on 1 October 1960. Wikipedia

  • California Republic

    Unrecognized breakaway state that for 25 days in 1846 militarily controlled an area north of San Francisco, in and around what is now Sonoma County in California. In June 1846, thirty-three American immigrants in Alta California who had entered without official permission rebelled against the Mexican department's government. Wikipedia

  • Predecessor to the modern-day Republic of Guyana and an independent state that existed between 1966 and 1970. Given independence from the United Kingdom by the Guyana Independence Act 1966, which transformed British Guiana into an independent Commonwealth realm or dominion, a sovereign constitutional monarchy with Elizabeth II, as Queen of Guyana. Wikipedia

  • Equatorial Guinea

    Country located on the west coast of Central Africa, with an area of 28000 km2. Formerly the colony of Spanish Guinea, its post-independence name evokes its location near both the Equator and the Gulf of Guinea. Wikipedia

  • Mali

    Landlocked country in West Africa. Eighth-largest country in Africa, with an area of just over 1240000 sqkm. Wikipedia

  • Wassoulou Empire

    Short-lived empire of West Africa built from the conquests of Malinke ruler Samori Ture and destroyed by the French colonial army. In 1864, Toucouleur ruler El Hajj Umar Tall died near Bandiagara, leaving the then-dominant Toucouleur Empire tottering and a number of chiefs rushing to break their own pieces away from the newly weakened federation. Wikipedia

  • Republic of Maryland

    Country in West Africa that existed from 1834 to 1857, when it was merged into what is now Liberia. First settled in 1834 by freed African-American slaves and freeborn African Americans primarily from the U.S. state of Maryland, under the auspices of the Maryland State Colonization Society. Wikipedia

  • Sierra Leone

    Country on the southwest coast of West Africa. Bordered by Liberia to the southeast and Guinea to the northeast. Wikipedia

  • Republic of Cabinda

    Unrecognized state located in what is presently Angola's Cabinda Province. Independent country in 1975. Wikipedia

  • Transkei

    Unrecognised state in the southeastern region of South Africa from 1976 to 1994. Bantustan— an area set aside for black South Africans of Xhosa descent —and operated as a nominally independent parliamentary democracy. Wikipedia

  • British West Africa

    The collective name for British colonies in West Africa during the colonial period, either in the general geographical sense or the formal colonial administrative entity. The United Kingdom held varying parts of these territories or the whole throughout the 19th century. Wikipedia

  • British Cameroon

    British Mandate territory in British West Africa. Today, the territory forms parts of Northern Nigeria in West Africa and Cameroon in Central Africa. Wikipedia

  • Kingdom of Corsica (1736)

    Short-lived kingdom on the island of Corsica. Formed after the islanders crowned the German adventurer Theodor Stephan Freiherr von Neuhoff as King of Corsica. Wikipedia

  • Slovak Soviet Republic

    Short-lived Communist state in southeast Slovakia in existence from 16 June 1919 to 7 July 1919. Prešov and was headed by Czech journalist Antonín Janoušek. Wikipedia

  • Bophuthatswana

    Bantustan (also known as "Homeland"; an area set aside for members of a specific ethnicity) which was declared nominally independent by the apartheid regime of South Africa in 1977. Not recognized by any country other than South Africa. Wikipedia


Sentences forRepublic of Benin (1967)

  • As Nigerian forces retook the Mid-West, the Biafran military administrator declared the Republic of Benin on 19 September, though it ceased to exist the next day.Nigerian Civil War-Wikipedia
  • While under Biafran occupation, the state was declared the "Republic of Benin".Mid-Western Region, Nigeria-Wikipedia
  • It was also the inspiration for the flag of the short-lived Republic of Benin (consisting of the Biafran-occupied Mid-Western region).Flag of Biafra-Wikipedia
  • Mid-Western and the states of former Eastern Region made a bid to secede from Nigeria as the states of Biafra and Republic of Benin, resulting in the Nigerian Civil War.Federalism in Nigeria-Wikipedia
  • In an attempt to ease tension, Ojukwu proclaimed the Republic of Benin (1967) under governor Albert Okonkwo on September 19.Midwest Invasion of 1967-Wikipedia
  • * Major (Dr.) Albert Okonkwo, Military Administrator of the Mid-Western State of Nigeria in mid-1967 during an attempt to establish the region as the independent Republic of Benin early in the Nigerian Civil WarList of Igbo people-Wikipedia
  • The flag of the short-lived Republic of Benin in Nigeria consists of the colours black, and green, with black taking up two-thirds of the flag.Flag of the Republic of Benin (Nigeria)-Wikipedia
  • Major (Dr.) Albert Nwazu Okonkwo was briefly the Military Administrator of the Mid-Western State of Nigeria in mid-1967 during an attempt to establish the region as the independent Republic of Benin early in the Nigerian Civil War.Albert Okonkwo-Wikipedia

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