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American pioneer and merchant who attempted to create a colony called Transylvania just as the American Revolutionary War was starting. Wikipedia

  • William Montgomery (Pennsylvania soldier)

    Colonial-American patriot, pioneer, soldier, public servant, and abolitionist. As a revolutionary patriot, he helped the Province of Pennsylvania declare independence from the British Empire, establish the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and save the American Revolution during the Ten Crucial Days. Wikipedia

  • American military officer and frontiersman who served with distinction in many early conflicts during the colonial and post-colonial eras, including the French and Indian War, the American Revolutionary War, and the War of 1812. Known as an expert rifleman and an able commander who fought closely beside George Washington in several pivotal battles. Wikipedia

  • Benjamin Harrison VI

    American merchant, planter, politician, and revolutionary. The son of Founding Father Benjamin Harrison V, a signer of the Declaration of Independence. Wikipedia

  • Veteran of the American Revolutionary War and an American merchant in New York City and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The immigrant ancestor of the Jewish Phillips family in the United States. Wikipedia

  • Nancy (1775)

    American brig, also called brigantine, chartered to transport war supplies during the American Revolutionary War. After learning that independence had been declared, her captain, according to his daughter, raised the first American flag in a foreign port. Wikipedia

  • Merchant-planter, sheriff, legislator, and officer during the American Revolutionary War from North Carolina. He lived in Dobbs County, North Carolina on a plantation called Contentnea. Wikipedia


    Sentences forRichard Henderson (jurist)

    • Following Dunmore's War, Richard Henderson, a prominent judge from North Carolina, hired Boone to help establish a colony to be called Transylvania.Daniel Boone-Wikipedia
    • Richard Henderson, a judge and land speculator from North Carolina, had purchased much of Kentucky from the Cherokee by an illegal treaty.George Rogers Clark-Wikipedia
    • The future city was named after Richard Henderson, an eighteenth-century pioneer and land speculator, by his associates Samuel Hopkins and Thomas Allin.Henderson, Kentucky-Wikipedia
    • The Great Grant Deed, also known as The Great Grant, was a transaction for the sale of property by the Cherokee Nation to Richard Henderson and Company.Great Grant Deed-Wikipedia
    • The presiding Judge Richard Henderson quickly adjourned the court until the next morning to avoid being forced to make a ruling in the presence of an angry mob of Regulators, and escaped in the night.War of the Regulation-Wikipedia
    • They also began looking westward, with John Gray Blount acquiring a portion of Richard Henderson's Transylvania Purchase in mid-1776.William Blount-Wikipedia

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