Rivers similar to or like River Aire

Major river in Yorkshire, England, 148 km in length. Wikipedia

  • List of rivers of Yorkshire

    List of named rivers that flow either wholly or partially within the boundaries of the four ceremonial counties that form Yorkshire. There are twenty five rivers of at least 20 km in total. Wikipedia

  • List of rivers of England

    List of rivers of England, organised geographically and taken anti-clockwise around the English coast where the various rivers discharge into the surrounding seas, from the Solway Firth on the Scottish border to the Welsh Dee on the Welsh border, and again from the Wye on the Welsh border anti-clockwise to the Tweed on the Scottish border. Upstream direction, i.e. the first tributary listed is closest to the sea, and tributaries of tributaries are treated similarly. Wikipedia

  • Aire and Calder Navigation

    Canalised section of the Rivers Aire and Calder in West Yorkshire, England. Made navigable to Leeds and the Calder to Wakefield, by the construction of 16 locks. Wikipedia

  • Yorkshire

    Historic county of Northern England and the largest in the United Kingdom. Because of its great size in comparison to other English counties, functions have been undertaken over time by its subdivisions, which have also been subject to periodic reform. Wikipedia

  • West Yorkshire

    Metropolitan and ceremonial county in England. Inland and, in relative terms, upland county having eastward-draining valleys while taking in the moors of the Pennines. Wikipedia

  • Anglican Diocese of Leeds

    Diocese (administrative division) of the Church of England, in the Province of York. Largest diocese in England by area, comprising much of western Yorkshire: almost the whole of West Yorkshire, the western part of North Yorkshire, the town of Barnsley in South Yorkshire, and most of the parts of County Durham, Cumbria and Lancashire which lie within the historic boundaries of Yorkshire. Wikipedia


    Sentences forRiver Aire

    • The name derives from the old Brythonic word Ladenses meaning "people of the fast-flowing river", in reference to the River Aire that flows through the city.Leeds-Wikipedia
    • Thwaite Mills Watermill Museum is a fully restored 1820s water-powered mill on the River Aire to the east of the city centre.Leeds-Wikipedia
    • From being a market town in the valley of the River Aire in the 16th century, Leeds expanded and absorbed the surrounding villages to become a populous urban centre by the mid-20th century.Leeds-Wikipedia
    • Leeds is located 169 mi north-northwest of London, on the valley of the River Aire in the eastern foothills of the Pennines.Leeds-Wikipedia
    • The River Aire passes through north eastern Keighley, dividing the neighbourhood of Stockbridge and running roughly parallel to the Leeds and Liverpool Canal.Keighley-Wikipedia
    • William advanced into Northumbria, defeating an attempt to block his crossing of the swollen River Aire at Pontefract.Norman Conquest-Wikipedia

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