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American comic book writer best known for co-creating The Walking Dead, Invincible, Tech Jacket, Outcast and Oblivion Song for Image Comics, in addition to writing Ultimate X-Men, Irredeemable Ant-Man and Marvel Zombies for Marvel Comics. Wikipedia

  • Bibliography of the comic book writer Robert Kirkman, the co-creator and writer of Invincible and The Walking Dead. Titles published by Funk-O-Tron, a company established by Kirkman early in his career, include: Wikipedia

  • American comic book publisher. These are the ongoing and limited series publications it has released under its own brand and imprints such as Todd McFarlane Productions, Desperado Publishing, Beckett Comics, and Top Cow Productions. Wikipedia

  • Cory Walker

    American comic book artist known for his work as a penciler on the Image Comics' series Invincible, which he co-created with writer Robert Kirkman. With Kirkman he also collaborated on several comics for Image and Marvel Comics. Wikipedia

  • Tom Raney

    American comic book artist, known for illustrating titles as Annihilation Conquest, Alpha Flight, Ultimate X-Men and Uncanny X-Men for Marvel Comics, DV8 and Stormwatch for Image Comics, and Outsiders for DC Comics. Tom Raney attended Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art in Dover, New Jersey. Wikipedia

  • Jim Valentino

    American writer, penciler, editor and publisher of comic books, best known for his 1990–1992 work on Guardians of the Galaxy for Marvel Comics, and for co-founding Image Comics, a company publishing creator-owned comics. At Image Comics, Valentino produced books such as the superhero vigilante book ShadowHawk, and the 1997 semi-autobiographical black and white book A Touch of Silver. Wikipedia

  • X-Men

    The X-Men are a team of fictional mutant superheroes appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Created by artist/co-writer Jack Kirby and writer Stan Lee, the characters first appeared in The X-Men #1 (September 1963) and formed one of the most recognizable and successful franchises of Marvel Comics, appearing in numerous books, television shows, films, and video games. Wikipedia


    Sentences forRobert Kirkman

    • Shortly after Stephenson's appointment, Image added Robert Kirkman as the company's first new partner since its founding.Image Comics-Wikipedia
    • In September 2013, AMC announced they were developing a companion series to The Walking Dead, which follows a different set of characters created by Robert Kirkman.Fear the Walking Dead-Wikipedia
    • Comic Book Resources features columns written by industry professionals that have included Robert Kirkman, Gail Simone, and Mark Millar.Comic Book Resources-Wikipedia
    • The third Marvel Team-Up series, written by Robert Kirkman, began publication in January 2005 and frequently featured Spider-Man.Marvel Team-Up-Wikipedia
    • Robert Kirkman himself has mentioned that the series will follow much closer to the comic series with Gimple's run.The Walking Dead (comic book)-Wikipedia
    • Upon hearing the announcement, Writer Robert Kirkman felt that Lincoln was an "amazing find" and added that he accurately embodied the characteristics of Rick Grimes.Rick Grimes-Wikipedia

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