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The Rocky Mountains, also known as the Rockies, are a major mountain range in western North America. Wikipedia

  • North American Cordillera

    North American portion of the American Cordillera which is a mountain chain along the western side of the Americas. Extensive area of mountain ranges, intermontane basins, and plateaus in western North America, including much of the territory west of the Great Plains. Wikipedia

  • Southern Rocky Mountains

    The Southern Rocky Mountains are a major subregion of the Rocky Mountains of North America located in the southeastern portion of the U.S. state of Wyoming, the central and western portions of Colorado, the northern portion of New Mexico, and extreme eastern portions of Utah. The Southern Rocky Mountains are also commonly known as the Southern Rockies, and since the highest peaks are located in the State of Colorado, they are sometimes known as the Colorado Rockies, although many important ranges and peaks rise in the other three states. Wikipedia

  • Ecology of the Rocky Mountains

    Diverse due to the effects of a variety of environmental factors. The Rocky Mountains are the major mountain range in western North America, running from the far north of British Columbia in Canada to New Mexico in the southwestern United States, climbing from the Great Plains at or below 1800 ft to peaks of over 14000 ft. Temperature and rainfall varies greatly also and thus the Rockies are home to a mixture of habitats including the alpine, subalpine and boreal habitats of the Northern Rocky Mountains in British Columbia and Alberta, the coniferous forests of Montana and Idaho, the wetlands and prairie where the Rockies meet the plains, a different mix of conifers on the Yellowstone Plateau in Wyoming and in the high Rockies of Colorado and New Mexico, and finally the alpine tundra of the highest elevations. Wikipedia

  • Mountain goat

    Hoofed mammal endemic to North America. Sure-footed climber commonly seen on cliffs and ice. Wikipedia

  • List of mountain peaks of the Rocky Mountains

    This article comprises three sortable tables of major mountain peaks of the Rocky Mountains of North America. The summit of a mountain or hill may be measured in three principal ways: Wikipedia

  • Canadian Rockies

    The Canadian Rockies (Rocheuses canadiennes) or Canadian Rocky Mountains comprise both the Alberta Rockies and the B.C. Rockies in the Canadian segment of the North American Rocky Mountains. System of multiple ranges of mountains which runs from the Prairies to the Pacific Coast. Wikipedia


    Sentences forRocky Mountains

    • Astoria, at the mouth of the Columbia River, was the first permanent English-speaking settlement west of the Rockies in what is now the United States.Oregon-Wikipedia
    • When the Province of Canada was formed, its borders were not entirely clear, and Ontario claimed eventually to reach all the way to the Rocky Mountains and Arctic Ocean.Ontario-Wikipedia
    • The Rocky Mountains, west of the Great Plains, extend north to south across the country, peaking around 14000 ft in Colorado.United States-Wikipedia
    • The region's geology developed from river deposits formed from the erosion of the Rocky Mountains.Houston-Wikipedia
    • The Columbia District was broadly defined as being south of 54°40 north latitude, (the southern limit of Russian America), north of Mexican-controlled California, and west of the Rocky Mountains.British Columbia-Wikipedia
    • However, chinook winds from the Rocky Mountains provide a temporary moderating effect on temperatures in the state's western portion during the winter.Nebraska-Wikipedia

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