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Province of the Roman Empire. Wikipedia

  • Roman Britain

    Period in classical antiquity when large parts of the island of Great Britain were under occupation by the Roman Empire. The occupation lasted from AD 43 to AD 410. Wikipedia

  • Imperial Roman army

    The terrestrial armed forces deployed by the Roman Empire from about 30 BC to 476 AD, the final period in the long history of the Roman army. Sometimes split into the Principate and Dominate (285–476) periods. Wikipedia

  • Roman Cyprus

    Small senatorial province within the Roman Empire. Small province, it possessed several well known religious sanctuaries and figured prominently in Eastern Mediterranean trade, particularly the production and trade of Cypriot copper. Wikipedia

  • Isurium Brigantum

    Roman fort and town in the province of Britannia at the site of present-day Aldborough in North Yorkshire, England, in the United Kingdom. Its remains—the Aldborough Roman Site—are in the care of English Heritage. Wikipedia

  • Venta Silurum

    Town in the Roman province of Britannia or Britain. Today it consists of remains in the village of Caerwent in Monmouthshire, south east Wales. Wikipedia

  • Ancaster (Roman town)

    Small town in the Roman province of Britannia. Sited on the Roman road known as the Ermine Street and is situated in the county of Lincolnshire. Wikipedia


    Sentences forRoman roads in Britannia

    • Although fortified, Horncastle was not on any important Roman roads, which suggests that the River Bain was the principal route of access to it.Horncastle-Wikipedia
    • The present northern boundary of the Heath - Staines Road - was the Roman Road, Trinobantes.Hounslow-Wikipedia
    • Roman roads are visible features, probably serving a settlement near Old Sarum.Salisbury Plain-Wikipedia
    • Chichester)">Stane Street, the Roman road linking London to Chichester, was constructed during the first century AD and is thought to have run through Dorking.Dorking-Wikipedia
    • The nearby town of Croydon originally developed due to a Roman road, and part of a Roman road has been found in Coombe Street, Croydon.Coombe, Croydon-Wikipedia
    • The old Roman road between Ribchester and Elslack (part of Margary 72a), crossed the Calder further downstream, close to the river mouth.River Calder, Lancashire-Wikipedia

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