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Large region of Antarctica, comprising the Ross Ice Shelf and the Ross Sea, that lies between East and West Antarctica. Wikipedia

  • Marie Byrd Land

    Portion of West Antarctica lying east of the Ross Ice Shelf and the Ross Sea and south of the Pacific Ocean, extending eastward approximately to a line between the head of the Ross Ice Shelf and Eights Coast. Based upon the leading role of the American Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd in the exploration of this area. Wikipedia

  • Victoria Land

    Region of Antarctica which fronts the western side of the Ross Sea and the Ross Ice Shelf, extending southward from about 70°30'S to 78°00'S, and westward from the Ross Sea to the edge of the Antarctic Plateau. Discovered by Captain James Clark Ross in January 1841 and named after the UK's Queen Victoria. Wikipedia

  • Bay of Whales

    Natural ice harbor, or iceport, indenting the front of Ross Ice Shelf just north of Roosevelt Island, Antarctica. Southernmost point of open ocean not only of the Ross Sea, but worldwide. Wikipedia

  • Heavily crevassed glacier which flows into the Ross Ice Shelf 40 km south of the Skelton Glacier in the Ross Dependency, Antarctica. Named by the NZ-APC in association with Mulock Inlet for Lieutenant George F.A. Mulock, Royal Navy, surveyor with the expedition. Wikipedia

  • Shackleton Coast

    That portion of the coast along the west side of the Ross Ice Shelf between Cape Selborne and Airdrop Peak at the east side of Beardmore Glacier in Antarctica. Named by New Zealand Antarctic Place-Names Committee (NZ-APC) in 1961 after Sir Ernest Shackleton. Wikipedia

  • Mountain range in Antarctica standing between the Skelton and Mulock Glaciers on the western side of the Ross Ice Shelf. Probably named after the training ship in the Thames, in which many officers of early British Antarctic expeditions trained. Wikipedia


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