Bilateral relations similar to or like Russia–Ukraine relations

Russia–Ukraine relations refers to the relations between the Russian Federation and Ukraine. Wikipedia

  • Russia–Ukraine border

    International state border between the Russian Federation and Ukraine. Over land the border outlines five oblasts (regions) of Ukraine and five oblasts of the Russian Federation. Wikipedia

  • Russia–United States relations

    Russia–United States relations (Российско-американские отношения) refers to the bilateral relationship between the United States and Russia, two of the world's most powerful nations. The United States and Russia maintain diplomatic and trade relations. Wikipedia

  • Foreign relations of Ukraine

    Expanding circle of nations. The foreign relations of Ukraine are guided by a number of key priorities outlined in the foreign policy of Ukraine. Wikipedia

  • Republic of Crimea

    Federal subject of Russia that is located on the territory of the Crimean Peninsula, which was annexed by Russia in 2014 but remained internationally recognized as being part of Ukraine. Simferopol, which is also the second largest city of Crimea, behind the federal city of Sevastopol. Wikipedia

  • Russo-Ukrainian War

    Protracted conflict between Russia and Ukraine that began in February 2014. The war has centered around the status of the Ukrainian regions of Crimea and Donbass. Wikipedia

  • 2014 pro-Russian unrest in Ukraine

    From the end of February 2014, demonstrations by pro-Russian and anti-government groups took place in major cities across the eastern and southern regions of Ukraine, in the aftermath of the Euromaidan movement and the 2014 Ukrainian revolution. Annexed by the Russian Federation after a Russian military intervention, and an internationally criticized (based on UN resolution 68/262) Crimean referendum. Wikipedia


    Sentences forRussia–Ukraine relations

    • During his second foreign visit to Moscow in March, Yanukovych vowed to end years of acrimony with Russia, saying that ties between Russia and Ukraine "should never be the way they were for the past five years".Viktor Yanukovych-Wikipedia
    • Ukraine long had close ties with all its neighbours, but Russia–Ukraine relations became difficult in 2014 by the annexation of Crimea, energy dependence and payment disputes.Ukraine-Wikipedia
    • According to Ukraine the continuation of Ukraine-NATO cooperation does not exclude the development of a strategic partnership with Russia.Ukraine–NATO relations-Wikipedia
    • It advocated a "balanced" approach to developing relations with Russia and the West, saying neither should be given priority over the other.2012 Ukrainian parliamentary election-Wikipedia
    • The Kravchuk administration walked a tight rope between escalation of Ukrainian–Russian tensions and a policy of cooperation with Moscow.Leonid Kravchuk-Wikipedia
    • In February 2012, Yanukovych stated, referring to relations with Russia, "It is not wise to fall asleep next to a big bear".Viktor Yanukovych-Wikipedia

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