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Competition of Sängerbunds, or singer groups, with prizes for the best group or groups. Wikipedia

  • Corona Schröter

    German musician best known as a singer. She also composed songs, setting texts by Friedrich Schiller and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe to music. Wikipedia

  • German bookbinder and educator who is best known for his work with Swiss educator Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi. Büss developed a pedagogical method for drawing based on Pestalozzi’s ideas. Wikipedia

  • Gert Westphal

    German-Swiss actor, audiobook narrator, recitator and director, one of the best-known audiobook narrators and speakers in German, described as "König der Vorleser" (king of recitators) and "der Caruso der Vorleser" (the Caruso among recitators). After his reading of her husband's works, Katia Mann called him "des Dichters oberster Mund" (the poet's principal voice). Wikipedia

  • Agnes Chan

    Pop singer, a "foreign television personality" , a Doctor of Philosophy, a professor at Japanese universities, an essayist and a novelist. Since 1988, Chan has been a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and also supports the Japan Committee for UNICEF. Wikipedia


Sentences forSängerfest

  • The choir attended the 1874 Sängerfest in Tanunda, along with the Adelaide Turnverein and Adelaide Liederkranz, hosted by the Tanunda Liedertafel and Tanunda Riflemen.Adelaide Liedertafel-Wikipedia
  • Harugari promoted German-language singing; in 1887 there were 20,000 members in Harugari Singing Societies, and in 1895 the New York Times mentioned 50 Maennerchors and biennial Saengerfests.German Order of Harugari-Wikipedia
  • On October 16–17, 1853, Behr and three other vocalists represented Sisterdale at the first Texas Sängerfest in New Braunfels, sponsored by the New Braunfels Gesangverein.Ottomar von Behr-Wikipedia
  • In 1914 Griswold was one of the soloists at the Texas State Saengerfest.Zona Maie Griswold-Wikipedia
  • Some of the more prevalent busts are those of classical composers and lyricists by German American (some won at national Sängerfests) and Irish American local singing societies.Concert Grove-Wikipedia
  • There have been Sängerfests since 1849, and as of 2013, there have been 61 Sängerfests held anywhere from annually to an 11-year gap during 1938 to 1949, a period of World War II, and recovery in Europe and the US.Nord-Amerikanischer Sängerbund-Wikipedia

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