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Part of the continental shelf of the Australian continent, lying off the northwest coast of mainland Australia. Wikipedia

  • Great Australian Bight

    Large oceanic bight, or open bay, off the central and western portions of the southern coastline of mainland Australia. Two definitions of the extent are in use – one used by the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) and the other used by the Australian Hydrographic Service (AHS). Wikipedia

  • Defined as "relating to or forming the main part of a country or continent, not including the islands around it [regardless of status under territorial jurisdiction by an entity]." Often politically, economically and/or demographically more significant than politically associated remote territories, such as exclaves or oceanic islands situated outside the continental shelf. Wikipedia

  • Lusitanian Basin

    Rift basin located on both the mainland and continental shelf off the west-central coast of Portugal. Area measuring 20,000 km2 and extends north-south from Porto to Lisbon. Wikipedia

  • Deserts of Australia

    Effectively desert. The deserts in Australia are primarily distributed throughout the western plateau and interior lowlands of the country. Wikipedia

  • Bank, a shallow sunken atoll, on the continental shelf off the west coast of India. Located 105 km west of Vijaydurg, Maharashtra. Wikipedia

  • Siberian Shelf

    Largest continental shelf of the Earth, a part of the continental shelf of Russia. It extends from the continent of Eurasia in the general area of North Siberia (hence the name) into the Arctic Ocean. Wikipedia


    Sentences forSahul Shelf

    • Then at a 1975 conference and consequent publication, the name Sahul was extended from its previous use for just the Sahul Shelf to cover the continent.Australia (continent)-Wikipedia
    • The archaeological history of the Northern Territory may have begun over 60,000 years ago when humans first settled this region of the Sahul Continent.Northern Territory-Wikipedia
    • When world sea levels were low, the two shared shorelines (which now lie 100 to 140 metres below sea level), and combined with lands now inundated into the tectonic continent of Sahul, also known as Greater Australia.New Guinea-Wikipedia
    • The name "Sahul" takes its name from the Sahul Shelf, which is part of the continental shelf of the Australian continent.Australia (continent)-Wikipedia
    • Geologically, the island of New Guinea and its surrounding islands are considered as parts of the Australian continent, connected via the Sahul Shelf.Southeast Asia-Wikipedia
    • The name "Sahul" takes its name from the Sahul Shelf, which is part of the continental shelf of the Australian continent.Australia (continent)-Wikipedia

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