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American film director and screenwriter who achieved prominence following the release of the Western epic The Wild Bunch (1969). Wikipedia

  • American jazz musician, arranger, band leader, and film composer who emerged in the 1960s after a decade on the blacklist to create boldly diverse and evocative Oscar-nominated scores, primarily for gritty, often brutally savage, films in western and crime action genres, including the Sam Peckinpah movies The Wild Bunch (1969) and Straw Dogs (1971). Born as Joshua Itzhak Feldman in Pittsburgh, to Hiram Harris Feldman and Esther Feldman, both American Jews. Wikipedia

  • List of notable film director and cinematographer collaborations. Ordered by film director. Wikipedia

  • Walter Hill

    American film director, screenwriter, and producer. Widely known for his action films and revival of the Western genre. Wikipedia

  • 33rd Moscow International Film Festival

    Held from 23 June to 2 July 2011. Awarded to the Venezuelan drama film The Waves directed by Alberto Morais. Wikipedia

  • Dub Taylor

    American character actor who from the 1940s into the 1990s worked extensively in films and on television, often in Westerns, but also in comedies. Born February 26, 1907, in Richmond, Virginia, the middle child of five children of Minnie and Walter C. Taylor, Sr. According to the federal census of 1920, he had two older sisters, Minnie Marg[aret] and Maud, a younger brother named George, and a little sister, Edna Fay. Wikipedia

  • American filmmaker whose editing of the 1969 film The Wild Bunch has been called "seminal". Credited on more than twenty-five feature films. Wikipedia


    Sentences forSam Peckinpah

    • Notable action film directors from the 1960s and 1970s include Sam Peckinpah, whose 1969 Western The Wild Bunch was controversial for its bloody violence and nihilist tone.Action film-Wikipedia
    • The backers of the film wanted to cut the famous Black Knight scene (a Sam Peckinpah send-up in which the Black Knight loses his limbs in a duel), but it was eventually kept in the movie.Monty Python-Wikipedia
    • She was an enthusiastic, if occasionally ambivalent, supporter of Sam Peckinpah and Walter Hill's early work, both of whom specialized in violent action dramas.Pauline Kael-Wikipedia
    • In 1972, Dylan signed to Sam Peckinpah's film Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid, providing songs and backing music for the movie, and playing "Alias", a member of Billy's gang with some historical basis.Bob Dylan-Wikipedia
    • The two worked on a script for six months, begun by a then unknown Sam Peckinpah.Stanley Kubrick-Wikipedia
    • The series starred Chuck Connors and the premiere episode "The Sharpshooter" was written by Sam Peckinpah.Dennis Hopper-Wikipedia

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