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Capital and most-populous municipality in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, an unincorporated territory of the United States. Wikipedia

  • List of communities in Puerto Rico

    In Puerto Rico there are 78 municipalities and 902 municipio subdivisions made up of 827 barrios and 75 barrios-pueblo. There are also a number of subbarrios and communities. Wikipedia

  • Puerto Rico

    Unincorporated territory of the United States. Located in the northeast Caribbean Sea, approximately 1000 mi southeast of Miami, Florida. Wikipedia

  • Barrios of San Juan, Puerto Rico

    Divided into 18 barrios, 16 of which fall within the former municipality of Río Piedras. Eight of the barrios are further divided into subbarrios, and they include the two barrios that originally composed the municipality of San Juan (namely, San Juan Antiguo and Santurce): Wikipedia

  • Bayamón, Puerto Rico

    Municipality of Puerto Rico located in the northern coastal valley, north of Aguas Buenas and Comerío; south of Toa Baja and Cataño; west of Guaynabo; and east of Toa Alta and Naranjito. Spread over 11 barrios and Bayamón Pueblo . Wikipedia

  • Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

    Municipality in the northern part of Puerto Rico, located in the northern coast of the island, north of Aguas Buenas, south of Cataño, east of Bayamón, and west of San Juan. Spread over 9 barrios and Guaynabo Pueblo . Wikipedia

  • Puerto Rico Police

    State police of the U.S. Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Division of the Puerto Rico Department of Public Safety , alongside the Puerto Rico Special Investigations Bureau and the Puerto Rico Municipal Police and handles both traffic and criminal law enforcement in the commonwealth. Wikipedia


    Sentences forSan Juan, Puerto Rico

    • While MLB was not ready to relocate the Expos right away, in it sought to increase revenues by having the team play 22 of its 81 home games in San Juan, Puerto Rico.Montreal Expos-Wikipedia
    • The Spaniards also established a continuous presence in what over three centuries later would become a possession of the United States with the founding of the city of San Juan, Puerto Rico, in 1521.Americans-Wikipedia
    • The most populous city is the capital, San Juan, with 318,441 people based on a 2019 estimate by the Census Bureau.Puerto Rico-Wikipedia
    • Even earlier, Christopher Columbus had landed in Puerto Rico on his 1493 voyage, and San Juan was settled by the Spanish a decade later.United States-Wikipedia
    • The American offensive began on May 12, 1898, when a squadron of 12 U.S. ships commanded by Rear Adm. William T. Sampson of the United States Navy attacked the archipelago's capital, San Juan.Spanish–American War-Wikipedia
    • Another highlight was the team's two-game series against the Cleveland Indians in San Juan, Puerto Rico.Minnesota Twins-Wikipedia

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