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Japanese television drama based on the 1983 novel Futatsu no Sokoku (二つの祖国) by Toyoko Yamazaki. Wikipedia

  • Taiga drama

    Name NHK gives to the annual year-long historical drama television series it broadcasts in Japan. Beginning in 1963 with the black-and-white Hana no Shōgai, starring kabuki actor Onoe Shoroku II and Awashima Chikage, the network regularly hires different writers, directors, and other creative staff for each taiga drama. Wikipedia

  • 1978 Japanese television series. 16th NHK taiga drama, and is based on Saburo Shiroyama's novel of the same title. Wikipedia

  • 2018 Japanese historical drama television series and the 57th NHK taiga drama. It stars Ryohei Suzuki as Saigō Takamori, who has been dubbed the last true samurai. Wikipedia

  • Japanese talk and variety television show featuring seven high-profile comedians alongside different guests each week with little to no scripts, produced and aired on Nippon TV. Entirely improvised by the host, the regulars and the guests. Wikipedia

  • 1988 Japanese historical television series. 26th NHK Taiga drama. Wikipedia

  • Japanese television jidaigeki or period drama that was broadcast in prime-time in 1972. Based on series of Nemuri Kyōshirō novels by Renzaburō Shibata. Wikipedia


    Sentences forSanga Moyu

    • He has appeared frequently on Japanese television and radio, and acted in the NHK Taiga Drama, "Sanga Moyu.”Roger Pulvers-Wikipedia

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