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Prairie and boreal province in Canada, the only province without a natural border. Wikipedia

  • Geography of Saskatchewan

    Unique among the provinces and territories of Canada in some respects. One of only two landlocked regions and it is the only region whose borders are not based on natural features like lakes, rivers or drainage divides. Wikipedia

  • List of municipalities in Saskatchewan

    Sixth-most populous province in Canada with 1,098,352 residents as of 2016 and is the fifth-largest in land area at 588244 km2. In 2016, Saskatchewan's 774 municipalities covered 52.7% of the province's land mass and were home to 94.8% of its population. Wikipedia

  • List of 21st-century Canadian tornadoes and tornado outbreaks

    List of notable tornadoes, tornado outbreaks, and tornado outbreak sequences that have occurred in Canada in the 21st century. (2001 through 2100). Wikipedia

  • History of Saskatchewan

    History of Saskatchewan encompasses the study of past human events and activities of the province of Saskatchewan, the middle of Canada's three prairie provinces. Archaeological studies give some clues as to the history and lifestyles of the Palaeo-Indian, Taltheilei, and Shield Archaic Traditions who were the first occupants of the prehistoric era of this geographical area. Wikipedia

  • List of postal codes in Canada where the first letter is S. Postal codes beginning with S are located within the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. Only the first three characters are listed, corresponding to the Forward Sortation Area. Wikipedia

  • Alberta

    One of the thirteen provinces and territories of Canada. Estimated population of 4,067,175 people as of the 2016 census, it is Canada's fourth most populous province and the most populous of Canada's three prairie provinces. Wikipedia


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