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Area of the Larsen Ice Shelf immediately northwest of Jason Peninsula, named after the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research. Wikipedia

  • Thuronyi Bluff

    Prominent escarpment on the east coast of the Antarctic Peninsula, which faces the Larsen Ice Shelf and the Weddell Sea and lies immediately south of the Antarctic Circle. Located above Mill Inlet in British Antarctic Territory at the base of the Cole Peninsula, between Balch Glacier and Gould Glacier; it is part of Graham Land. Wikipedia

  • The Seal Nunataks are a group of 16 islands called nunataks emerging from the Larsen Ice Shelf east of Graham Land, Antarctic Peninsula. The Seal Nunataks have been described as separate volcanic vents of ages ranging from Miocene to Pleistocene. Wikipedia

  • Central of the three Bugge Islands, off Wordie Ice Shelf, Fallières Coast, Antarctic Peninsula. Named Isla Aldea by the Chilean Antarctic Expedition, 1947, probably after Sargento Juan de Dios Aldea, of the Chilean Navy, one of the heroes of the naval battle of Iquique, May 21, 1879. Wikipedia

  • Ice piedmont lying landward of the Wordie Ice Shelf, along the west coast of the Antarctic Peninsula. Formed by the confluence of Airy, Seller, Fleming and Prospect Glaciers and is about 25 mi long from north to south and 12 mi wide. Wikipedia

  • Stange Ice Shelf

    Antarctic ice shelf in Stange Sound, English Coast, bounded to the east by Spaatz Island, to the northwest by Smyley Island, and to the west by fast ice in Carroll Inlet. Named in association with Stange Sound. Wikipedia

  • Pernik Peninsula

    Ice-covered peninsula projecting 40 km in northwest direction from Loubet Coast on the west side of Antarctic Peninsula. Bounded by Darbel Bay to the northeast, Lallemand Fjord to the west and Crystal Sound to the northwest, and its northern part is dominated by Protector Heights. Wikipedia


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