Journals similar to or like Science (journal)

Peer-reviewed academic journal of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and one of the world's top academic journals. Wikipedia

  • Quarterly peer-reviewed academic journal covering social science. Established in 1963 as The Rocky Mountain Social Science Journal, obtaining its current name in 1976. Wikipedia

  • Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science

    Quarterly peer-reviewed academic journal published by the American Psychological Association on behalf of the Canadian Psychological Association. Allison J. Ouimet . Wikipedia

  • Peer-reviewed academic journal published bimonthly by the American Psychological Association. Interdisciplinary field representing a broad range of backgrounds, interests, and specializations. Occupational health psychology concerns the application of psychology to improving the quality of work life and to protecting and promoting the safety, health, and well-being of workers." Wikipedia

  • Perspectives on Psychological Science

    Bimonthly peer-reviewed academic journal of psychology. Published by SAGE Publications on behalf of the Association for Psychological Science. Wikipedia

  • Bimonthly peer-reviewed academic journal published by the American Marketing Association. Established in 1964 and covers all aspects of marketing research. Wikipedia

  • The Journal of Finance

    Peer-reviewed academic journal published by Wiley-Blackwell on behalf of the American Finance Association. Established in 1946. Wikipedia


    Sentences forScience (journal)

    • By 2013, Brazil's "dramatic policy-driven reduction in Amazon Basin deforestation" was a "global exception in terms of forest change", according to scientific journal Science.Brazil-Wikipedia
    • According to a study published in the journal Science, this dwelling is proof of the earliest permanent human occupation at high altitude yet discovered.Ethiopia-Wikipedia
    • On May 7, 2010, a letter signed by 255 Academy members was published in Science magazine, decrying "political assaults" against climate change scientists.National Academy of Sciences-Wikipedia
    • More than a century later, the journal Science credited UVA faculty with two of the top ten global scientific breakthroughs in a single year (2015).University of Virginia-Wikipedia
    • The rovers, both of which have operated long past their original life expectancies, are responsible for the discoveries that were awarded 2004 Breakthrough of the Year honors by Science.Cornell University-Wikipedia
    • UVA was recognized by Science as leading two of the top 10 scientific discoveries in the world in 2015.University of Virginia-Wikipedia

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