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Scottish nationalist, regionalist, and social-democratic political party in Scotland. Wikipedia

  • History of the Scottish National Party

    Scottish Nationalist, centre left, social democratic political party which campaigns for Scottish independence. The SNP has controlled Scotland's devolved legislature since the 2007 election as a minority government, and were a majority government from the 2011 election and have been a minority government, since the 2016 election. Wikipedia

  • Politics of Scotland

    Home nation. Democracy, which since the Scotland Act 1998 has been represented in both the Scottish Parliament – the legislature to which most legislative powers are devolved – and the Parliament of the United Kingdom. Wikipedia

  • Nicola Sturgeon

    Scottish politician serving as First Minister of Scotland and Leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP) since 2014. First woman to hold either position. Wikipedia

  • This article lists political parties in Scotland. Main political party in Scotland which supports at times Scotland becoming an independent nation or further devolution. Wikipedia

  • Scottish Labour

    Social democratic political party in Scotland. Autonomous section of the national Labour Party. Wikipedia

  • Scottish Conservatives

    Centre-right political party in Scotland. Second-largest party in the Scottish Parliament and Scottish local government. Wikipedia


    Sentences forScottish National Party

    • As a result of the 2017 United Kingdom local elections, the SNP was able to form a minority administration ending Labour's thirty-seven years of uninterrupted control.Glasgow-Wikipedia
    • However, the pro-independence Scottish National Party led by Alex Salmond achieved an overall majority in the 2011 election, winning 69 of the 129 seats available.Scotland-Wikipedia
    • Deals were then forged with various small parties including the Scottish National Party (SNP) and the Welsh nationalist Plaid Cymru, prolonging the life of the government.Labour Party (UK)-Wikipedia
    • An additional problem was competition in the Liberal heartlands in Scotland and Wales from the Scottish National Party and Plaid Cymru who both grew as electoral forces from the 1960s onwards.Liberal Party (UK)-Wikipedia
    • Edinburgh is currently represented by three MPs affiliated with the Scottish National Party, one Liberal Democrat MP in Edinburgh West and one Labour MP in Edinburgh South.Edinburgh-Wikipedia
    • The Scottish National Party is the third largest political party in the UK in terms of both party membership and representation in parliament, having won 56 out of 59 Scottish seats at the 2015 General Election.British people-Wikipedia

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