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Architectural style of 19th century Gothic Revival which revived the forms and ornaments of historical architecture of Scotland in the Late Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period. Wikipedia

  • Gothic Revival architecture

    Architectural movement that began in the late 1740s in England. Its momentum grew in the early 19th century, when increasingly serious and learned admirers of neo-Gothic styles sought to revive medieval Gothic architecture, in contrast to the neoclassical styles prevalent at the time. Wikipedia

  • Architecture of Scotland

    The architecture of Scotland includes all human building within the modern borders of Scotland, from the Neolithic era to the present day. The earliest surviving houses go back around 9500 years, and the first villages 6000 years: Skara Brae on the Mainland of Orkney being the earliest preserved example in Europe. Wikipedia

  • Architecture of Scotland in the Industrial Revolution

    Architecture of Scotland in the Industrial Revolution includes all building in Scotland between the mid-eighteenth century and the end of the nineteenth century. Economic and social transformation as a result of industrialisation, which was reflected in new architectural forms, techniques and scale of building. Wikipedia

  • Scottish castles

    Scottish castles are buildings that combine fortifications and residence, built within the borders of modern Scotland. Castles arrived in Scotland with the introduction of feudalism in the twelfth century. Wikipedia

  • Victorian architecture

    Series of architectural revival styles in the mid-to-late 19th century. Victorian refers to the reign of Queen Victoria (1837–1901), called the Victorian era, during which period the styles known as Victorian were used in construction. Wikipedia

  • Romanticism in Scotland

    Artistic, literary and intellectual movement that developed between the late eighteenth and the early nineteenth centuries. Part of the wider European Romantic movement, which was partly a reaction against the Age of Enlightenment, emphasising individual, national and emotional responses, moving beyond Renaissance and Classicist models, particularly to the Middle Ages. Wikipedia


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    • As of 2019 the main private landowner is the North Affric Estate with 36 km2 of land on the north side of Loch Affric centred on the baronial Affric Lodge.Glen Affric-Wikipedia
    • He was based in Glasgow and took inspiration from Scottish baronial architecture fusing it with organic forms of plants and simplicity of Japanese design.Modern Style (British Art Nouveau style)-Wikipedia
    • In the centre of the High Street is the Scots baronial style town hall, built in 1886, and the east end has an equestrian statue, known as "the Horse", erected in 1914.Hawick-Wikipedia
    • It is a Scottish baronial-style building that housed the municipal offices and had a hall accommodating 500 people.Dunoon-Wikipedia
    • Dryderdale Hall (1871–72), near Hamsterley, mansion, stables and lodge, stone in the style of Scottish baronial architecture, built for Alfred Backhouse.Alfred Waterhouse-Wikipedia
    • He was influenced by Scottish domestic architecture of the 16th and 17th centuries and the Scottish baronial style of Kellie Castle where he had spent much of his childhood and adolescence.Robert Lorimer-Wikipedia

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