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American film director, writer, screenwriter, actor, and producer. Wikipedia

  • Brent Armitage

    American film actor, screenwriter, producer, and director who got his start as an actor. Armitage moved behind the camera on such projects as Swing Shift and Miami Blues. Wikipedia

  • Scott R. Dunlap

    American film producer, director, screenwriter, and actor. Born in Chicago, Illinois in 1892 and entered the film business in 1915. Wikipedia

  • American film and television director, producer, and screenwriter. Best known for directing the 1988 short film Cadillac Dreams, which was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Short Film. Wikipedia

  • American actor, screenwriter and film director. MacFadden's parents were Rev. Robert A. MacFadden and Edith Hamilton MacFadden. Wikipedia

  • American film/television director, editor, producer and screenwriter. Born in Boston, Massachusetts. Wikipedia

  • American film actor, producer, director and writer. He played George in Force of Impulse (1961), by Saul Swimmer. Wikipedia

  • Alexandre Rockwell

    American film director, producer and screenwriter. Grandson of the Russian animator Alexandre Alexeieff, who invented the pinscreen, and of Alexandra Grinevsky, Countess de Lowendhal. Wikipedia

  • American film and television actor, writer and director. Graduate of Wesleyan University, where he majored in Theater Arts, American History, and Italian. Wikipedia

  • American screenwriter, film director and producer. His screenplays for Boomerang (1947) and The Desert Rats (1953) were nominated for the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Original Screenplay, respectively. Wikipedia

  • American film director, screenwriter and producer. Best known for such films as Talkin' Dirty After Dark and D.C. Cab. Wikipedia

  • George B. Seitz

    American playwright, screenwriter, film actor and director. Known for his screenplays for action serials, including: Wikipedia

  • American film director, screenwriter, and producer. Released by Open Road Films and Millennium Films in November 2013. Wikipedia

  • American film producer, director, screenwriter, social activist, and community entrepreneur. Her two feature films, Godass and Exist, received critical acclaim in The New York Times and Variety for their tones of social and political relevance. Wikipedia

  • Sam Reich

    American producer, director, writer, actor, and performer. Best known for his work with CollegeHumor and the TV show Adam Ruins Everything. Wikipedia

  • Clark Gregg

    American actor, director, screenwriter, and voice actor. He plays Agent Phil Coulson in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, beginning in Iron Man (2008) and continuing through Iron Man 2 (2010), Thor (2011), The Avengers (2012), Captain Marvel (2019), and the television series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. since 2013, making him the actor with the longest screen time in the MCU. Wikipedia

  • David O. Russell

    American film director, screenwriter, and producer. His early directing career includes the comedy films Spanking the Monkey (1994), Flirting with Disaster (1996), Three Kings (1999), and I ♥ Huckabees (2004). Wikipedia

  • American film and television director, producer, and screenwriter. Budd Boetticher called him a "ten day picture guy". Wikipedia

  • American director, writer, producer, and actor. Best known for his feature-length B-movie Acne. Wikipedia

  • American film director, screenwriter and actor, who has been called the "godfather of mumblecore." Son of artist-turned-businesswoman Sheila Dubman and businessman Edmund Bujalski. Wikipedia

  • American director, writer and producer of social justice films. Her critically acclaimed feature documentary Neshoba: The Price of Freedom, about justice, healing and racial reconciliation, opened theatrically in New York and Los Angeles to rave reviews by top critics, winning dozens of Best Documentary and Special Jury Awards in film festivals worldwide. Wikipedia

  • Dorothy Davenport

    American actress, screenwriter, film director and producer. Born into a family of film performers, Davenport had her own independent career before her marriage to the film actor and director Wallace Reid in 1913. Wikipedia

  • American director, producer, and screenwriter known for The Golden Voice and Two Shadows. Also the production coordinator for The Talk and assistant directed Hell and Back. Wikipedia

  • American film director, screenwriter, producer and editor. Best known for his arthouse horror pieces, which range from psychological horror films such as The Attic Expeditions and The Dead Ones (2010) to Grand Guignol, such as his re-imagining of Herschell Gordon Lewis’s classic splatter film The Wizard of Gore (2007) and his contribution to the horror anthology film The Theatre Bizarre (2011). Wikipedia

  • American screenwriter, producer, and director. He directed the 2011 film The Adjustment Bureau, which he also wrote (adapted from a short story by Philip K. Dick). Wikipedia

  • American actress, producer, screenwriter, director, editor, cinematographer, and novelist. Now the author of her debut novel, Oil and Marble. Wikipedia

  • Asian-American actor, director and producer. Best known for his work on Lucky Grandma, Blindspot and Unfinished Business. Wikipedia

  • Hal Hartley

    American film director, screenwriter, producer and composer who became a key figure in the American independent film movement of the 1980s and '90s. Best known for his films Trust, Amateur and Henry Fool, which are notable for deadpan humour and offbeat characters quoting philosophical dialogue. Wikipedia

  • Writer, producer and director of documentary films for PBS, specializing in American history. Based primarily at WGBH-TV in Boston with work ranging from presidential politics to biographies and musical history. Wikipedia

  • M. David Lee III

    American film director, producer, writer, editor and director of photography. Noted for his use of a version of the Dogme95 principals originally developed by Lars Von Trier and Thomas Vinterberg in his films. Wikipedia

  • Guinevere Turner

    American actress, screenwriter and film director. She has written such films as American Psycho and The Notorious Bettie Page and played the lead role of the dominatrix Tanya Cheex in Preaching to the Perverted. Wikipedia


Sentences forSean Gullette

  • Now married to American film director, writer, actor, and producer Sean Gullette, Barrada splits her time between New York and Morocco.Yto Barrada-Wikipedia
  • He became seriously interested in film while attending Harvard after befriending Dan Schrecker, an aspiring animator, and Sean Gullette, who would go on to star in Aronofsky's first film, Pi.Darren Aronofsky-Wikipedia
  • In 2005, Donahue directed the narrative short, Thanksgiving (starring James Urbaniak and Seymour Cassel & written by Sean Gullette).Tom Donahue (filmmaker)-Wikipedia
  • They have one child, Sean Gullette (born 1968), an actor, screenwriter, and film-director.Margaret Morganroth Gullette-Wikipedia
  • Seremetis contributed art projected in various scenes in Traitors, a film written and directed by Sean Gullette, screened at the Tribeca Film Festival in April 2014.Kostas Seremetis-Wikipedia
  • Starring Sean Gullette as the trailer park landlord, Mr. Johnston, Eric Sweeney, (L.A. based actor) as J.T., and Audra Glyn Smith (N.C. based actress) as Sara, with a lot of other interesting small roles.Blue Ridge (film)-Wikipedia
  • The low-budget, $60,000 production, starring Sean Gullette, was sold to Artisan Entertainment for $1 million, and grossed over $3 million; Aronofsky won the Directing Award at the 1998 Sundance Film Festival and an Independent Spirit Award for Best First Screenplay.Darren Aronofsky-Wikipedia
  • It stars Nikolai Kinski, Katharina Schüttler, Morjana Alaoui and Sean Gullette.Die zwei Leben des Daniel Shore-Wikipedia
  • It features contributions from Bobby Gillespie, Sean Gullette, Jon Spencer, Martina Topley-Bird and Carl Hancock Rux.Bow Down to the Exit Sign-Wikipedia

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