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Search for and provision of aid to people who are in distress or imminent danger. Wikipedia

  • Explorer Search and Rescue (ESAR) are teams of Explorers in the Learning for Life program of the Boy Scouts of America who are trained and deployed for search and rescue missions. Well-developed ESAR programs emerged in the state of Washington in the mid-1950s (Beginning with King County in 1954) and were followed by others in California and elsewhere. Wikipedia

  • Mountain rescue

    Sometimes also used to apply to search and rescue in other wilderness environments. This tends to include mountains with technical rope access issues, snow, avalanches, ice, crevasses, glaciers, alpine environments and high altitudes. Wikipedia

  • China International Search and Rescue Team

    Professional heavy search and rescue team responsible for search and rescue during earthquake breakout. Under unified coordination and command of the State Council of the People's Republic of China, and comprises China Earthquake Administration, National Earthquake Response Support Service Centre, the 82nd brigade of the 82nd Group Army of Chinese People's Liberation Army, and 301 Hospital (or People's Liberation Army General Hospital. Wikipedia

  • Urban search and rescue

    Type of technical rescue operation that involves the location, extrication, and initial medical stabilization of victims trapped in an urban area, namely structural collapse due to natural disasters, war, terrorism or accidents, mines and collapsed trenches. The causes of USAR incidents can be categorised as accidental and deliberate. Wikipedia

  • Search and rescue dog

    Search and rescue dogs are valuable after natural disasters, mass-casualty incidents, and for locating missing people. Dedicated handlers and well-trained dogs are required. Wikipedia

  • Rescuer

    Person who rescues something from harm or danger. They are trained in technical rescue, diver rescue, mountain rescue, extrication rescue, or/and advance technical firefighting. Wikipedia


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