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Genre of works written about the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. Wikipedia

  • Padshahnama

    Genre of works written as the official history of the Mughal Emperor, Shah Jahan’s reign. Unillustrated texts are known as Shahjahannama, with Padshahnama used for the illustrated manuscript versions. Wikipedia

  • Traveller and historian during the period of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan who later became a court historian of Shah Jahan (Shah Jahan's official chronicler). He wrote the book Padshahnama, about the reign of Shah Jahan. Wikipedia

  • Wine cup of Shah Jahan

    Wine cup of white nephrite jade that was made for the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. The cup has a gourd shape like in a paisley design. Wikipedia

  • Peacock Throne

    Famous jewelled throne that was the seat of the Mughal emperors in India. Commissioned in the early 17th century by emperor Shah Jahan and was located in the Diwan-i-Khas in the Red Fort of Delhi. Wikipedia

  • The third wife of the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. Popularly known by the title, Akbarabadi Mahal (which probably indicates that she hailed from the city of Akbarabad), and commissioned the Akbarabadi Mosque in Shahjahanabad (present-day Old Delhi). Wikipedia

  • Daulat (artist)

    Leading artist in Mughal painting, active on imperial commissions between about 1595 and 1635–1640, during the reigns of Akbar, Jahangir, and Shah Jahan. He began his career painting large narrative scenes, then specialized in portraits, but later in his career seems to have specialized in highly ornate borders to miniatures. Wikipedia


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