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Historical fortification in the city of Pune in Maharashtra, India. Wikipedia

  • Shivneri

    17th-century military fortification located near Junnar in Pune district in Maharashtra, India. Birthplace of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, the founder of Maratha Empire. Wikipedia

  • Roads in Pune

    City in the state of Maharashtra in India. Made to construct a ring road to reduce traffic congestion in the city of Pune. Wikipedia

  • Pune district

    In the state of Maharashtra, India. 9,429,408 in the 2011 census, Makes it the fourth-most-populous district amongst India's 640 districts. Wikipedia

  • Pune

    Second-largest city in the Indian State of Maharashtra, after Mumbai, and the eighth most populous city in India, with an estimated population of 7.4 million as of 2020. It has been ranked as "the most livable city in India" several times. Wikipedia

  • Jejuri

    City and a municipal council in Pune district in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Famous for the main temple of Lord Khandoba. Wikipedia

  • Sangram Durg

    Land fort situated at Chakan, Pune, Maharashtra, India. 65 acres,currently only 5.5 acres. Wikipedia

  • Alandi

    Town and a municipal council in the Pune district in the state of Maharashtra, India. Popular as a place of pilgrimage and the resting place of the 13th century Marathi saint Dnyaneshwar. Wikipedia

  • Sudhagad

    Hill fort situated in Maharashtra, India. It lies about 53 km west of Pune, 26 km south of Lonavla and 11 km east of Pali in Raigad District. Wikipedia

  • History of Pune

    9th most populous city in India and the second-largest in the state of Maharashtra, after the state capital Mumbai. Closely related to the rise of the Maratha empire from the 17th–18th century. Wikipedia

  • Junnar

    City in the Pune district of the Indian state of Maharashtra. The city has history dating back to the first millennium. Wikipedia

  • Lonavala

    Hill station town and a Municipal Council in Pune district in the Indian State of Maharashtra. About 64 km west of modern-day Pune city and 96 km to the east of Mumbai. Wikipedia

  • Visapur Fort

    Hill fort near Visapur village in Maharashtra, India. Part of the Lohagad-Visapur fortification. Wikipedia

  • History of Maharashtra

    State in the western region of India. India's second-most populous state and third-largest state by area, and includes the major cities of Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Aurangabad and Nashik. Wikipedia

  • Fort in Ahmednagar district near to Daund in the Maharashtra state of India. Located about 100 km from Pune. Wikipedia

  • Rajgad Fort

    Hill fort situated in the Pune district of Maharashtra, India. The capital of the Maratha Empire under the rule of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj for almost 26 years, after which the capital was moved to the Raigad Fort. Wikipedia

  • Khadki

    Cantonment in the city of Pune, India. It has now flourished as a quasi-metropolis & centered in the northern region of the city. Wikipedia

  • Pimpri-Chinchwad

    Northwestern city limits of Pune, India. It enjoys good quality of life, efficient public infrastructure services as compared across the state of Maharashtra. Wikipedia

  • Sitabuldi Fort

    Located atop a hillock in central Nagpur, Maharashtra, India. Built by a Gond king, Raja Bhakth Buland Shahin year 1702, then with some political reason or negotiation between bhosels and rajgonds this capital of gonwan kwon, so it is wrong to say that Sitabuldi Fort was built by bholes rather it was built by rajgond king. Wikipedia

  • List of reportedly haunted locations in India

    List of reportedly haunted locations in India. Considered by believers as haunted. Wikipedia

  • Indori fort

    One of the many Land forts of Maharashtra state in India. Elevation of 1033 m above sea level. Wikipedia

  • Nagpur

    Third largest city and the winter capital of the Indian state of Maharashtra. 13th largest city in India by population and according to an Oxford Economics report, Nagpur is projected to be the fifth fastest growing city in the world from 2019 to 2035 with an average growth of 8.41%. Wikipedia

  • Tulshibaug

    Area in Pune City in the state of Maharashtra, India. Located in the heart of the city. Wikipedia

  • Pune Tribal Museum

    Located in the city of Pune, Maharashtra, India. Established in the year 1962 as an extension of Tribal Research and Training Institute, Pune, started display in year 1965 and exhibits the culture of the Maharashtrian tribes. Wikipedia

  • Yerawada

    Neighbourhood of the city of Pune in the state of Maharashtra, India. Known as Yeraoda. Yerawada is one of the most densely populated areas in Pune. Wikipedia

  • Sinhagad

    Hill fortress located at around 35 km southwest of the city of Pune, India. Some of the information available at this fort suggests that the fort could have been built 2000 years ago. Wikipedia

  • Fort Bassein

    Ruined fort in the town of Vasai in the Palghar district of Konkan division in Maharashtra, India. Anglicised version of the Portuguese Baçaim , which is itself a derivation of an apparently native name that may have a connection to the tribal Vasa Konkani people of the North Konkan region, extending from Mumbai (Bombay) into "South Gujarat". Wikipedia

  • Maharashtra

    Maharashtra (, abbr. State in the western peninsular region of India occupying a substantial portion of the Deccan Plateau. Wikipedia

  • Sarasbaug

    Major landmark in the city of Pune in India. Once occupied by a small lake. Wikipedia

  • Fort in Pune district near to Bhimashankar in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Located about 95 km from Pune. Wikipedia

  • Chaturshringi Temple

    Hindu temple in the city of Pune in Maharashtra state of India. Located on the slope of a hill on Senapati Bapat Road. Wikipedia


Sentences forShaniwar Wada

  • At Shaniwar Wada, the prime residence of Peshwa, religious rituals and ceremonies were frequently being conducted.Madhavrao I-Wikipedia
  • The two biggest sets were the exact replicas of Shaniwar Wada and the Aaina Mahal, both of which were "high on grandeur and intricacy".Bajirao Mastani-Wikipedia
  • In the early years of the British rule, an open air vegetable market used to be held outside the Shaniwar Wada.Mahathma Phule Mandai-Wikipedia
  • He also commissioned the construction of the Shaniwar Wada on the right bank of the Mutha River.Pune-Wikipedia
  • One day, he noticed a large crowd anxiously waiting at the entrance of Shaniwar Wada.Madhavrao I-Wikipedia
  • Madhavrao committed suicide at the age of 21 by jumping off from the high walls of the Shaniwar Wada in Pune.Madhavrao II-Wikipedia

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