Artists similar to or like Shepard Fairey

American contemporary street artist, graphic designer, activist, illustrator, and founder of OBEY Clothing who emerged from the skateboarding scene. Wikipedia

  • Michael Lotenero

    American artist, graphic designer, illustrator, and musician who emerged from the Pittsburgh art scene. Known for his figurative abstracts, sculptures, and iconic heads. Wikipedia

  • Pilpeled

    Israeli contemporary artist, graphic designer and illustrator, and founder of Pilpeled clothing and accessories brand. Known for his monochromatic style and his work can be found on murals around the world, galleries, and museums. Wikipedia

  • American multidisciplinary artist who works in photography, text, sculpture, and performance. Currently residing and maintaining a studio practice in New York City, Simon has had work featured in the Venice Biennale (2015). Wikipedia

  • Noma Bar

    Israeli graphic designer, illustrator and artist, based in London. Bar's work has been described as "deceptively simple", featuring flat colours, minimal detail and negative space to create images that often carry double meanings that are not immediately apparent. Wikipedia

  • Paul Feeley

    Artist and director of the Art Department at Bennington College during the 1950s and early 1960s. Born in the same generation as the Abstract Expressionists, his mature style was hardly gestural; instead, according to Feeley, his paintings "just sat still and had a presence rather than some sort of an agitated fit." Wikipedia

  • Larry Bell (artist)

    American contemporary artist and sculptor. Best known for his glass boxes and large-scaled illusionistic sculptures. Wikipedia


    Sentences forShepard Fairey

    • In 2012, urban artist Samantha Lo (SKL0) depicted Lee in her controversial Limpeh series, featuring his image in Shepard Fairey-inspired stickers, mirrors and collages.Lee Kuan Yew-Wikipedia
    • The first 1,500 guitars came with a Shepard Fairey designed "Customisation kit" with stickers and stencils, which resembled some of the designs Strummer used on his guitars.Joe Strummer-Wikipedia
    • The band released the video for the song "Home is a Fire" on May 9, 2011, featuring street artist Shepard Fairey plastering lyrics from the song around Los Angeles.Death Cab for Cutie-Wikipedia
    • A new take on the band's lip-and-tongue logo, designed by Shepard Fairey, was also revealed and used during the celebrations.The Rolling Stones-Wikipedia
    • Also in 2011, the foundation launched its "Artist as Activist" project and invited artist Shepard Fairey to focus on an issue of his choice.Robert Rauschenberg-Wikipedia
    • After the 2008 presidential election, the National Portrait Gallery obtained graphic artist Shepard Fairey's ubiquitous "Hope" poster of Barack Obama.National Portrait Gallery (United States)-Wikipedia

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