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Town in Addison County, Vermont, United States. Wikipedia


    Sentences forShoreham, Vermont

    • By 11:30 pm on May 9, the men had assembled at Hand's Cove (in what is now Shoreham, Vermont) and were ready to cross the lake to Ticonderoga.Capture of Fort Ticonderoga-Wikipedia
    • Two small companies were detached to procure boats, and Allen took the main contingent north to Hand's Cove in Shoreham to prepare for the crossing.Ethan Allen-Wikipedia
    • Columbus Delano was born in Shoreham, Vermont on June 5, 1809, the son of James Delano and Lucinda Bateman.Columbus Delano-Wikipedia
    • There is a year-round ferry service to and from New York State across Lake Champlain from Burlington, Charlotte, Grand Isle, and Shoreham.Vermont-Wikipedia
    • The most southerly crossing is the Fort Ticonderoga Ferry, connecting Ticonderoga, New York with Shoreham, Vermont, just north of the historic fort.Lake Champlain-Wikipedia
    • Ansel Briggs was born in Shoreham, Vermont, to farmer Benjamin Ingley Briggs and Electa Trippman Briggs.Ansel Briggs-Wikipedia

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