Species similar to or like Simian foamy virus

Species of the genus Spumavirus, which belongs to the family of Retroviridae. Wikipedia

  • Retrovirus and specifically belongs to the genus Spumavirus. The spumaviruses are complex and significantly different from the other six genera of retroviruses in several ways. Wikipedia

  • Single-stranded RNA-RT virus and a member of the genus Spumavirus, which is otherwise known as foamy virus (FV). It shares similarities, with respect to replication, with lentiviruses. Wikipedia

  • Genus of the retroviridae family. It has type C morphology. Wikipedia

  • Retrovirus belonging to the genus Lentivirus. Similar to the human immunodeficiency virus and infects cattle. Wikipedia

  • Bovine foamy virus

    Ss(+)RNA retrovirus that belongs to the genus spumaviridae. Spumaviruses are differ from the other six members of family retroviridae, both structurally and in pathogenic nature. Wikipedia

  • Species of gammaretrovirus that infects primates. From a fibrosarcoma in a woolly monkey . Wikipedia

  • Cauliflower mosaic virus

    Member of the genus Caulimovirus, one of the six genera in the family Caulimoviridae, which are pararetroviruses that infect plants. Pararetroviruses replicate through reverse transcription just like retroviruses, but the viral particles contain DNA instead of RNA. Wikipedia

  • Muscina

    Genus of flies that belongs to the family Muscidae, currently consisting of 27 species. They are worldwide in distribution and are frequently found in livestock facilities and outside restrooms. Wikipedia

  • Oesophagostomum

    Genus of parasitic nematodes of the family Strongylidae. These worms occur in Africa, Brazil, China, Indonesia and the Philippines. Wikipedia

  • Diadema setosum

    Species of long-spined sea urchin belonging to the family Diadematidae. Typical sea urchin, with extremely long, hollow spines that are mildly venomous. Wikipedia

  • Visna-maedi virus

    A "prototype" retrovirus that causes encephalitis and chronic pneumonitis in sheep. Known as visna when found in the brain, and maedi when infecting the lungs. Wikipedia

  • Retrovirus which infects goats and cross-reacts immunologically with HIV, due to being from the same family of viruses. Infected goat. Wikipedia

  • Lates

    Genus of lates perches belonging to the family Latidae. Also used as a common name, lates, for many of the species. Wikipedia

  • Genus of primitive insects belonging to the family Machilidae. These insects are slender and wingless with dull, often mottled, colouring. Wikipedia

  • Pedicinus

    Genus of sucking louse, the only genus in the family Pedicnidae. Species belonging to this genus are found on Old World monkeys and apes of different kinds. Wikipedia

  • Species of scorpion, belonging to the family Buthidae. Also known by the collective vernacular name fat-tailed scorpion. Wikipedia

  • Elassogaster

    Genus of scavenger flies belonging to the family Platystomatidae. They are native to warm regions of Africa, Madagascar and Australia. Wikipedia

  • Strongyloides

    Genus of small nematode parasites, belonging to the family Strongylidae, commonly found in the small intestine of mammals (particularly ruminants), that are characterized by an unusual lifecycle that involves one or several generations of free-living adult worms. Chiefly caused by Strongyloides stercoralis, widespread in all tropical regions, or by Strongyloides fuelleborni, a parasite of primates in African and Asian tropics and of humans in African tropics and New Guinea. Wikipedia

  • Plant pathogenic virus of the family Caulimoviridae, and the type species of the genus Soymovirus. * List of soybean diseases Wikipedia

  • Species complex of zoophilic mosquito belonging to the genus Aedes. Found in Oriental Regions such as India, Sri Lanka, and also in Eastern & Southern Africa, Nigeria, Japan, Malaysia, and Australia. Wikipedia

  • Tetraponera rufonigra

    Species of ant belonging to the subfamily Pseudomyrmecinae. Distributed across Asia, and Africa. Wikipedia

  • Species of virus in the genus Semotivirus and the family Belpaoviridae. It exists as retrotransposons in the Caenorhabditis elegans genome. Wikipedia

  • Influenza C virus

    Species in the genus Influenzavirus C, in the virus family Orthomyxoviridae, which like other influenza viruses, causes influenza. Influenza C viruses are known to infect humans and pigs. Wikipedia

  • Lygus pratensis

    Species of plant bugs belonging to the family Miridae. This species can be found in most of Europe, in Africa, in Northern Asia (excluding China) and in Oriental ecozone. Wikipedia

  • Coenobita brevimanus

    Species of terrestrial hermit crab belonging to the family Coenobitidae, which is composed of coastal living terrestrial hermit crabs. From there it belongs to the genus coenobita, one of two genera split from the family, which contains sixteen species. Wikipedia

  • Virological taxon included in the genus Ebolavirus, family Filoviridae, order Mononegavirales. The species has a single virus member, Taï Forest virus (TAFV). Wikipedia

  • Gomphosus caeruleus

    Species of wrasse belonging to the family Labridae. It can be found in the aquarium trade. Wikipedia

  • Genus of viruses, in the family Caulimoviridae order Ortervirales. Plants serve as natural hosts. Wikipedia

  • Jaagsiekte sheep retrovirus

    Betaretrovirus which is the causative agent of a contagious lung cancer in sheep, called ovine pulmonary adenocarcinoma. Virus that is the cause of the contagious lung tumors in sheep called ovine pulmonary adenocarcinoma . Wikipedia

  • Chilocorus bipustulatus

    Beetle species belonging to the family Coccinellidae, subfamily Chilocorinae. These beetles are found in most of the Palearctic ecozone, (Europe, North Africa, Asia north of the Himalayan foothills, and northern and central Arabian Peninsula) Wikipedia


Sentences forSimian foamy virus

  • An example is between the simian foamy virus (SFV) and its primate hosts.Parasitism-Wikipedia
  • Urban performing macaques also carried simian foamy virus, suggesting they could be involved in the species-to-species jump of similar retroviruses to humans.Macaque-Wikipedia
  • The term is usually limited to known pathogens, but also sometimes includes agents such as Simian foamy virus which are not known to cause disease.Transfusion transmitted infection-Wikipedia
  • Some examples of these viruses are simian foamy virus and the human foamy virus.Spumaretrovirinae-Wikipedia
  • Simian foamy viruses (SFV) is an enzootic retrovirus that has high rates of cross-species transmission and has been known to affect humans bitten by infected NHPs.Cross-species transmission-Wikipedia
  • The SFV came from its similarity to simian foamy virus (SFV).Human foamy virus-Wikipedia
  • Through studies performed with simian foamy virus, it can be predicted that EFV can spread through saliva and bites, yet there is no evidence to suggest that any foamy virus can be sexually transmitted.Equine foamy virus-Wikipedia
  • Results of research on wild chimpanzees in Cameroon indicate that they are naturally infected with the simian foamy virus and constitute a reservoir of HIV-1, a precursor of the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) in humans.Bushmeat-Wikipedia

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