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Solomon (שְׁלֹמֹה, Shlomoh), also called Jedidiah (Hebrew Yedidyah), was, according to the Hebrew Bible or Old Testament, Quran, and Hadiths, a fabulously wealthy and wise king of the United Kingdom of Israel who succeeded his father, King David. Wikipedia

  • David

    Described in the Hebrew Bible as king of the United Monarchy of Israel and Judah. Young shepherd who gains fame first as a musician and later by killing the enemy champion Goliath. Wikipedia

  • Davidic line

    The Davidic line or House of David (known in Hebrew as Malkhut Bayt David - "Kingdom of the House of David") refers to the lineage of King David through the texts in the Hebrew Bible, in the New Testament, and through the succeeding centuries. Bloodline that the Hebrew Messiah is said to descend from according to Judaism and Christianity. Wikipedia

  • Elijah

    Elijah or Elias (, meaning "My God is Yahweh /YHWH" ) or Greek form Elias was, according to the Books of Kings in the Hebrew Bible, a prophet and a miracle worker who lived in the northern kingdom of Israel during the reign of King Ahab (9th century BC). In, Elijah defended the worship of the Hebrew God over that of the Canaanite deity Baal. Wikipedia

  • Saul

    The first king of the United Kingdom of Israel (Israel and Judah). His reign, traditionally placed in the late 11th century BCE, supposedly marked a transition from a tribal society to statehood. Wikipedia

  • Hezekiah

    Hezekiah (חִזְקִיָּהוּ), or Ezekias, was, according to the Hebrew Bible, the son of Ahaz and the 13th king of Judah. Considered a very righteous king in both the Second Book of Kings and the Second Book of Chronicles. Wikipedia

  • Jeremiah

    One of the major prophets of the Hebrew Bible (source of the Old Testament of Christian Bibles). According to Jewish tradition, Jeremiah authored the Book of Jeremiah, the Books of Kings and the Book of Lamentations, with the assistance and under the editorship of Baruch ben Neriah, his scribe and disciple. Wikipedia


    Sentences forSolomon

    • Bishop John Williams of Lincoln preached the sermon, observing, "King Solomon died in Peace, when he had lived about sixty years ... and so you know did King James".James VI and I-Wikipedia
    • In the Quran, Sulayman is said to have heard and understood an ant warning other ants to return home to avoid being accidentally crushed by Sulayman and his marching army.Ant-Wikipedia
    • Where Psalms 72 and 127 speak of being "for Solomon," Saadia explains that David wrote them as a vision in what he saw concerning his son, Solomon.Psalms-Wikipedia
    • Bathsheba and Nathan go to David and obtain his agreement to crown Bathsheba's son Solomon as king, according to David's earlier promise, and the revolt of Adonijah is put down.David-Wikipedia
    • The Gezer calendar also dates back to the 10th century BCE at the beginning of the Monarchic period, the traditional time of the reign of David and Solomon.Hebrew language-Wikipedia
    • With him is the Staff of Moses, the ring of Solomon, son of David, and the tray on which Moses used to offer his offerings.Shia Islam-Wikipedia

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