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Chinese republican revolutionary, political leader and a founder of the Kuomintang (KMT). Wikipedia

  • Huang Xing

    Chinese revolutionary leader and politician, and the first commander-in-chief of the Republic of China. Second only to Sun Yat-sen. Wikipedia

  • History of the Kuomintang

    Article on the inception of the Kuomintang , a Chinese political party that ruled China 1927–48 and then moved to Taiwan. Historically referred to as the Chinese Nationalists. Wikipedia

  • Mao Zedong

    Chinese communist revolutionary who was the founder of the People's Republic of China (PRC), which he ruled as the chairman of the Chinese Communist Party from its establishment in 1949 until his death in 1976. Ideologically a Marxist–Leninist, his theories, military strategies, and political policies are collectively known as Maoism. Wikipedia

  • Chinese Civil War

    Civil war in China fought between the Kuomintang -led government of the Republic of China (ROC) and the Communist Party of China (CPC) lasting intermittently between 1927 and 1949. Generally divided into two phases with an interlude: from August 1927 to 1937, the KMT-CPC Alliance collapsed during the Northern Expedition, and the Nationalists controlled most of China. Wikipedia

  • Chen Duxiu

    Chinese revolutionary socialist, educator, philosopher and author, who co-founded the Communist Party of China (with Li Dazhao) in 1921. From 1921 to 1927, he served as the Communist Party's first General Secretary. Wikipedia

  • Kuomintang

    Major political party in the Republic of China throughout its historical periods in both the Chinese mainland as well as Taiwan, which was reorganized and transitioned to the current form since 1919. The dominant ruling party of the Republic of China on the mainland from 1928 and 1949. Wikipedia


    Sentences forSong Jiaoren

    • Song Jiaoren led the Kuomintang Party to electoral victories by fashioning his party's program to appeal to the gentry, landowners, and merchants.Republic of China (1912–1949)-Wikipedia
    • Song Jiaoren of the KMT zealously supported a cabinet system and was widely regarded as a candidate for prime minister.Yuan Shikai-Wikipedia
    • Song Jiaoren was expected to become the next premier, but he riled Yuan by promising to pick a cabinet with only KMT ministers.Beiyang government-Wikipedia
    • Instead of attending Nanking's assembly, Song Jiaoren and Chen Qimei gathered the provincial representatives in Shanghai and held an assembly on December 4.Provisional Government of the Republic of China (1912)-Wikipedia
    • The most influential member of the party was the third ranking Song Jiaoren, who mobilized mass support from gentry and merchants for the Nationalists to advocate a constitutional parliamentary democracy.Kuomintang-Wikipedia
    • Song Jiaoren was elected as premier.1911 Revolution-Wikipedia

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