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Silver coin of approximately 38 mm diameter worth eight Spanish reales. Wikipedia

  • Withdrawal of low-denomination coins

    The withdrawal of a country's lowest-denomination coins from circulation (usually a one-cent coin or equivalent) may either be through a decision to remove the coins from circulation, or simply through ceasing minting. This withdrawal may be due to the high cost of production, since the coin may be worth less than its cost of production. Wikipedia

  • List of people on coins

    List of people depicted on circulating coins throughout the world. Of actual people and not deities or fictional persons. Wikipedia

  • Qing dynasty coinage

    Based on a bimetallic standard of copper and silver coinage. Established in 1636 and ruled over China proper from 1644 until it was overthrown by the Xinhai Revolution in 1912. Wikipedia

  • Spanish coin, worth half a real. Itself from the Provençal picaioun, the name of an unrelated small copper coin from Savoy. Wikipedia

  • Spanish colonial real

    The currency of the Spanish colonies in America and the Philippines. Established at two billon reals or sixty-eight maravedís. Wikipedia

  • Trade dollar

    Trade dollars are silver coins minted as trade coins by various countries to facilitate trade with China and the Orient. They all approximated in weight and fineness to the Spanish dollar, which had set the standard for a de facto common currency for trade in the Far East. Wikipedia


    Sentences forSpanish dollar

    • Brunei agreed to cede all territory in northern Borneo under its control, with the Sultan receiving an annual payment of $12,000, while the Temenggong received a sum of $3,000.Sabah-Wikipedia
    • By analogy with this lion dollar, Spanish pesos—with the same weight and shape as the lion dollar—came to be known as Spanish dollars.United States dollar-Wikipedia
    • The American dollar coin was initially based on the value and look of the Spanish dollar or piece of eight, used widely in Spanish America from the 16th to the 19th centuries.United States dollar-Wikipedia
    • According to the treaty, Ali would be crowned as the Sultan of Johor and receive $5,000 (in Spanish dollars) with an allowance of $500 per month.Johor Bahru-Wikipedia
    • Governor Lachlan Macquarie solved the second problem by creating two coins from every Spanish silver dollar in circulation.Sydney-Wikipedia
    • To alleviate the shortage of silver coins, between 1797 and 1804, the Bank of England counterstamped Spanish dollars (8 reales) and other Spanish and Spanish colonial coins for circulation.Pound sterling-Wikipedia

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