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Federal union comprising 28 states and 8 union territories, for a total of 36 entities. Wikipedia

  • Type of administrative division in the Republic of India. Unlike the states of India, which have their own governments, union territories are federal territories governed, in part or in whole, by the Central Government of India. Wikipedia

  • Administrative division of an Indian state or territory. In some cases districts are further subdivided into sub-divisions, and in others directly into tehsils or talukas. Wikipedia

  • States of Germany

    The Federal Republic of Germany, as a federal state, consists of sixteen partly sovereign federated states (Land (state), plural Länder (states); commonly informally Bundesland / federated state, plural Bundesländer / federated states). Formed from an earlier collection of several states , it has a federal constitution, and the constituent states retain a measure of sovereignty. Wikipedia

  • Federation of 36 states and 1 Federal Capital Territory. Semi-autonomous political unit that shares powers with the Federal Government as enumerated under the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Wikipedia

  • Administrative divisions of Mexico

    Federal republic composed of 32 Federal Entities: 31 states Autonomous entity. Wikipedia

  • States of Brazil

    The federative units of Brazil (unidades federativas do Brasil) are subnational entities with a certain degree of autonomy (self-government, self-regulation and self-collection) and endowed with their own government and constitution, which together form the Federative Republic of Brazil. There are 26 states (estados) and one federal district (distrito federal). Wikipedia

  • States and territories of Australia

    The states and territories of Australia are the second level of government division in Australia, between the federal government and local governments. States and territories are self-administered regions with a local legislature, police force and certain civil authorities, and are represented in the Parliament of Australia. Wikipedia

  • Federation made up of twenty-three states , a Capital District (Distrito Capital) and the Federal Dependencies (Dependencias Federales), which consist of many islands and islets on the Caribbean Sea. Venezuela also claims the Guayana Esequiba territory which comprises six districts in the independent nation of Guyana. Wikipedia

  • U.S. state

    Constituent political entity, of which there are currently 50. Bound together in a political union, each state holds governmental jurisdiction over a separate and defined geographic territory where it shares its sovereignty with the federal government. Wikipedia

  • Provinces of Argentina

    Subdivided into twenty-three provinces and one autonomous city (ciudad autónoma), Buenos Aires, which is the federal capital of the nation (Capital Federal) as decided by Congress. The provinces and the capital have their own constitutions, but exist under a federal system. Wikipedia

  • Republics of the Soviet Union

    The Republics of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics or the Union Republics were ethnically based administrative units of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). Created by the treaty between the soviet socialist republics of Belarus, Russia, Transcaucasia and Ukraine, by which they became its constituent republics. Wikipedia

  • The political divisions of Bosnia and Herzegovina were created by the Dayton Agreement, which recognized a second tier of government in Bosnia and Herzegovina, comprising two entities: the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH), with mostly Bosniaks and Croats, and the Republika Srpska (RS) with mostly Serbs – each governing roughly one half of the state's territory. The Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina itself has a federal structure and consists of 10 autonomous cantons. Wikipedia

  • Federal subjects of Russia

    The federal subjects of Russia, also referred to as the subjects of the Russian Federation (субъекты Российской Федерации) or simply as the subjects of the federation (субъекты федерации), are the constituent entities of Russia, its top-level political divisions according to the Constitution of Russia. Since March 18, 2014, the Russian Federation constitutionally consists of 85 federal subjects. Wikipedia

  • States of South Sudan

    The States of South Sudan were created out of the three historic former provinces (and contemporary regions) of Bahr el Ghazal (northwest), Equatoria (southern), and Greater Upper Nile (northeast). The states are further divided into 180 counties. Wikipedia

  • Cantons of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

    The Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, one of the two political entities of Bosnia and Herzegovina, consists of ten units called cantons. The cantons were established by the Law on Federal Units (Cantons) on 12 June 1996. Wikipedia

  • Member states of the Eurasian Economic Union

    The Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) currently comprises 5 member states, which are party to the founding treaties of the EEU and thereby subject to the privileges and obligations of membership. The constituent states of the EEU are placed under binding laws and have equal representation within the EEU's executive and judicial bodies. Wikipedia

  • Federal republic made up of nine states . Also the German word for "country", the term Bundesländer is often used instead to avoid ambiguity. Wikipedia

  • Provinces and territories of Canada

    The provinces and territories of Canada are sub-national divisions within the geographical areas of Canada under the jurisdiction of the Canadian Constitution. In the 1867 Canadian Confederation, three provinces of British North America—New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and the Province of Canada (which upon Confederation was divided into Ontario and Quebec)—were united to form a federated colony, becoming a sovereign nation in the next century. Wikipedia

  • Divided into nineteen municipalities, called villages. Governed by an elected mayor. Wikipedia

  • Type of federal subject of Russia and simultaneously an administrative division type of some federal subjects. As of 2014, Russia has four autonomous okrugs of its 85 federal subjects. Wikipedia

  • Type of federal subject of the Russian Federation. Purely traditional. Wikipedia

  • The United Arab Emirates consists of seven emirates (إمارات ʾimārāt; singular: إمارة ʾimārah), which were historically known as the Trucial States: ISO 3166-2:AE Wikipedia

  • Cantons of Switzerland

    The 26 cantons of Switzerland (Kanton; canton; cantone; Sursilvan and Surmiran: cantun; Vallader and Puter: Chantun; Sutsilvan: cantùn; Rumantsch Grischun: chantun) are the member states of the Swiss Confederation. The nucleus of the Swiss Confederacy in the form of the first three confederate allies used to be referred to as the Waldstätte. Wikipedia

  • Type of federal subject of Russia. Divided into 85 federal subjects, of which nine are krais. Wikipedia

  • List of districts of Tamil Nadu

    The Indian state of Tamil Nadu has 38 districts after several splits of the original 13 districts at the formation of the state on 1 November 1956. The states are further divided into taluks and smaller administrative units. Wikipedia

  • The United States Virgin Islands (pop. 106,405 ) are administratively divided into two districts, which are divided into 20 subdistricts. Wikipedia

  • Republics of Russia

    Divided into 85 federal subjects , 22 of which are "republics". Most of the republics represent areas of non-Russian ethnicity, although there are several republics with Russian majority. Wikipedia

  • Districts of Punjab, Pakistan

    Divided into 36 districts and nine divisions. Overview of the recent history of districts in Punjab, a map showing each district, the divisions of Punjab and their districts, and a list showing each district's name, the division the district belongs to, the district's area, the location of the district's headquarters, the district's population and population density , the average annual population growth rate of each district (between 1998 and 2017), and a map showing each district's location. Wikipedia

  • The Indian state of Kerala borders with the states of Tamil Nadu on the south and east, Karnataka on the north and the Lakshadweep Sea coastline on the west. Almost continuous mountain wall, except near Palakkad where there is a natural mountain pass known as the Palakkad Gap. Wikipedia

  • List of counties in Arizona

    There are 15 counties in the U.S. state of Arizona. Four counties (Mohave, Pima, Yavapai and Yuma) were created in 1864 following the organization of the Arizona Territory in 1862. Wikipedia


Sentences forStates and union territories of India

  • 48.4 per cent of the state's population lives in urban areas, the third-highest percentage among large states in India.Tamil Nadu-Wikipedia
  • India is a federal union comprising 28 states and 8 union territories (listed below as 1–28 and A–H, respectively).India-Wikipedia
  • A district (zilā) is an administrative division of an Indian state or territory.List of districts in India-Wikipedia
  • Kerala is one of the first states in India to form a welfare policy for the transgender community.Kerala-Wikipedia
  • The party during the post-independence era has governed most of the States and union territories of India.Indian National Congress-Wikipedia
  • Mumbai (, ; also known as Bombay, the official name until 1995) is the capital city of the Indian state of Maharashtra.Mumbai-Wikipedia

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